HSS Newsletter – October 2021

It is with a mixture of sadness and, dare I say, pride that I am writing this my last introduction to an issue of the HSS Newsletter. Sad because I’ve enjoyed checking in with everyone every quarter, but proud because it’s been a grand two -year run. The October issue is somewhat slimmer than what you’ve perhaps become used to seeing in the past year or two, but there is no lacking in its quality. We begin with a snapshot of our new Executive director, JP’s vision for the society, we welcome a new generation of prize-winning scholars to our fold and hear from an oral historian about his craft. We have news about HSS, including a nice bit about books from our bibliographer, news about our members, and last but not least from the profession at large. Thank you all, it has been a privilege to serve in this capacity.

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HSS Newsletter Editor

Neeraja Sankaran

HSS Newsletter (April 2020)

We hope everyone is keeping well, safe and calm in our strange and uncertain time of the coronavirus. The April HSS Newsletter leads with two articles on the scientific and the historical perspectives of the pandemic. Other articles offer historical perspectives on more issues of global concern–food and our environment–and bibliographies take a double bow in this issue, both in a tribute to a deceased former colleague and in our “Innovations in Education” column. And of course, there is news as usual about the doings of our members, of HSS and of the profession. Thank you for your membership!

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HSS Newsletter (Jan 2020)

HSS Newsletter 2020

Welcome to the new year and a new edition of the HSS Newsletter, with a welcome message from the new HSS President, Jan Golinski, and two new sections that we hope to feature more or less consistently in future issues (there’s a lot of “new” here): a corner for showcasing innovations in education, and an op-ed type column to which you, the readers, are invited to contribute. Also, in this issue are two interviews with authors of prize-winning books about our discipline and a photo-essay from a museum curator. As always, you can read about the doings and achievements of individual members, of the Society, and of our profession at large. Last, but not least, we bid farewell to those whom we said goodbye.

HSS Newsletter (Oct 2019)

HSS October 2019 Newsletter Cover featuring Utrecht, the Netherlands Welcome to the Oct. 2019 issue of the HSS Newsletter, a well-packed volume with goodies for and from our members from different walks of life in history of science.

Even as we are delighted to be welcoming the newest initiates to the profession—who tell us a bit about their research and what makes them tick in HPS—we are also sadly reminded of those whom we have lost. To paraphrase Michael Ruse’s apt goodbye, we mourn their passing but celebrate their lives.

Last year’s Pfizer Award winner Anita Guerrini shares some insights about her book, and Kristen Frederick-Frost offers a glimpse into her job as a curator of scientific objects in a history museum.

We have our usual round-up of news from members, the society and the profession at large, the growing size of which sections offer evidence that we are a vibrant and robust company of like minds and shared interests.

HSS Newsletter Editor
Neeraja Sankaran

HSS Newsletter – January 2019

Newsletter 2019 - Cover ImageThe 48th volume of the HSS Newsletter is now online.  The 2019 January issue promises to be a good read. Projit Mukharji outlines what he plans to do as the new book review editor for Isis when he steps into that role on 1 July. Jim Endersby, whose book Orchid won the Society’s Davis Prize for best book for a general audience, describes the gestation of the book as he figured out how to live with cancer. Massimo Mazzotti provides an inspiring account of the Genoa Science Festival this past November, a city that was still reeling from the horrific collapse of a major bridge in the city center. Maria Rentetzi provides an overview of nuclear science and diplomacy project and its first meeting being held in Sokendai, Japan. We also have 8 pages of Member News, a touching piece on the late Adolf Grünbaum, and news of the profession, including a new prize announcement by our newest interest group, the Forum for the History of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.

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