New Website

After careful deliberation, the CoE Committee has redesigned and reorganized the CoE website. We are excited about the possibilities. The new site involves fresh initiatives and new opportunities for research and teaching in the History of Science. In the bargain, the design was expanded to the entire HSS website.

The Committee on Education began work on redesigning the CoE website in late 2001. Following several new initiatives at HSS annual meeting aimed at wider use of electronic resources in research and teaching, Bob Hatch, then CoE Chair, began work to expand and re-structure the CoE website. This worked included new visual elements and an vastly expanded structure for existing and future content. One of the more promising initiative was the development of the ‘HSS Seal of Excellence’.

We ask that readers please be patient with sections of the CoE site that remain ‘under construction’. By design, the new design is comprehensive and flexible, thus allowing for future growth. The new structure aims to maximize exposure to existing CoE materials, events, and materials, as well as to supply a new and much-discussed structure that will guide future CoE activities. These projects and areas of development have been organized
under a few basic categories, including Teaching Resources, Research Tools, Bibliography, and related Projects. If you have good ideas, please pass them along.

Perhaps the most exciting addition will be the implementation and expansion of the HSS Seal of Excellence. The purpose of this initiative to supply CoE expertise and HSS faculty resources to develop a clearinghouse for electronic materials useful in research and teaching in the History of Science. The success of this initiative will allow professors, educators, students, and the wider reading public an authoritative gateway to existing electronic resources directly from the CoE website.

The CoE also aims to encourage future efforts in electronic excellence. An obvious benefit of the Seal of Excellence is that it acknowledges existing efforts that can be reached with a simple click. Importantly, the simple ‘click’ will work both ways. The Seal of Excellence displayed at selected sites will take interested readers with a simple ‘click’ back to the HSS CoE website — there interested readers will find a comprehensive list of other websites that have received the Seal of Excellence, an authoritative list representing the best electronic materials the profession has to offer.

While acknowledging existing excellence is important, the CoE also wishes to encourage future developments. We believe the Seal of Excellence will help serve that purpose in research, teaching, and public outreach in the History of Science and related areas.

We thank you for your interest, support, and participation. For further details about the HSS Seal of Excellence, please click here.