Teaching and Research: Activities of the COE

The Committee on Education (CoE) is concerned with the role of history of science at all educational levels – from elementary and secondary school through undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctorate training. Enhancing public understanding of the intellectual, cultural, and social significance of the history of science is also an important CoE mission.

The CoE sponsors many different types of activities. Recent projects have included preparing topical essays for teachers, syllabus samplers, and guides; development of a database for audiovisual materials relevant to teaching the history of science, technology, mathematics, and medicine; conduction of workshops at the HSS annual meeting; reviews of national science and history standards; and communication and collaboration with other organizations and institutions. The CoE also shares various responsibilities with other HSS committees.


The CoE salutes the efforts of PBS station WGBH (Boston) to bring the history of science before the public eye with its series A Science Odyssey.