High quality teaching and research programs are essential to fostering interest in the history of science and its cultural relations. The Society offers many resources to further these activities.

Chief among the research resources created by the Society is the HSTM Database. With over 295,000 professionally collected entries from around the world, this database is the definitive international bibliography for the history of science, technology, and medicine. Please note that this database is only available to members. (Join now and get access to this powerful research tool.)

Links to tools, articles, and newsletters are available below:

Background on the New Website – Information regarding the redesigned and reorganized CoE website and the new HSS website.

Bibliographic Essays – Four bibliographic essays including: Reading the History of Science: A List of Good Places to Start, Russian and Soviet Science and Technology, Life Sciences in the 20th Century, The Scientific Revolution, and Historians of Science and the “Real World”.

Committee on Education – Links to the ERIC database, resources for teaching, noteworthy syllabi, and bibliographic essays and articles.

Electronic Resources – Links to databases, bibliographies, web sites, listservs, electronic newsgroups, archives, and collections.

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine Database – Access to the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine Database.

Innovations in Education: Teaching the History of Sexuality – Link to this article written by Robery Nye, Oregon State University.

Instruments of Change – A playful, interactive digital exhibit with modules on 5 influential scientific instruments of the mid-20th century. If you ever need an example of how HSTM can be used to engage younger, non-scholarly audiences, it might be a helpful reference.

Introduction to the History of Science in Non-Western Traditions – A publication about traditions in science in China, India, Africa, Native America, Latin America, Australia and the Pacific, and Japan using different resources including essays and reading lists.

IsisCB – The Isis CB indexes new work in the history of science.

Papers of Noted Scientists – Links to library special collections or web sites with projects aiming to publish volumes of scientist’s correspondence or writings.

Publications of HSS – Links to Isis, Osiris, The Cumulative Biography, and HSS Newsletter.

Resources and Strategies – Links to the following articles: “Demonstration Experiments: Beyond the Talking Head”, “Galilean and Keplerian Telescopes”, “Investigating the Ways of Nature: An In-Class Experiment”, and “An In-Class Demonstration That Aids in Combating Belief in Psychics and in a Claim Made by Some Philosophers of Science”.

Teaching and Research: Activities of the COE – Links to past teaching workshops, teaching resources, newsletter archives, and the ERIC database.