The Correspondence of John Tyndall

John Tyndall

General Editors

  • James Elwick, York University
  • Roland Jackson, The Royal Institution
  • Bernard Lightman, York University
  • Michael S. Reidy, Montana State University

The University of Pittsburgh Press is pleased to announce its new role as publisher of The Correspondence of John Tyndall, an 18-volume series that will make available for the first time in print some 7,700 letters to and from Tyndall, one of the most influential scientists and premier physicists of the Victorian era.

Tyndall’s correspondents read like a who’s who of international science, including Michael Faraday, Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley, Joseph Henry, Rudolf Clausius, and Louis Pasteur. An intense study of his correspondence illuminates themes that individually and collectively played fundamental roles
in the development of modern science: the relationship between science and religion, the popularization and professionalization of science, and advances in physics, glaciology, climatology, and the germ theory.

“Correspondence projects like this one undoubtedly provide rich
materials for future historians—and raise a host of new questions
that we might not previously have even thought to ask.”

—Times Literary Supplement

Recently Published

  • The Correspondence of John Tyndall
    Vol. 1, “Correspondence 1840–3”
    Edited by Geoffrey Cantor and Gowan Dawson
    $125.00 • Hardcover • 978-0-8229-4470-6 • 544 pp.
  • The Correspondence of John Tyndall
    Vol. 2, “Correspondence 1843–9”
    Edited by Melinda Baldwin and Janet Browne
    $125.00 • Hardcover • 978-0-8229-4471-3 • 444 pp.

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