CHSTM Online Working Groups

The Consortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine ( invites scholars to participate in our monthly ONLINE WORKING GROUPS on specialized topics in the history of science, technology and medicine.

Working groups meet once per month for discussion of works-in-progress and important publications, convened by top scholars and rising stars in subfields of the history of science, technology and medicine, broadly construed. Last year more than 130 scholars from 72 institutions participated.
Scholars can participate in person at the Consortium’s offices in Philadelphia, PA, or online through a video conferencing system.

Working groups in 2016-2017 include

  • History and Theory
    Suman Seth, Cornell University
    Laura Stark, Vanderbilt University
  • History of Physical Sciences
    Joe Martin, Consortium for HSTM
    Kathryn Olesko, Georgetown University
  • History of Biological Sciences
    Karen Rader, Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
    Betty Smocovitis, University of Florida
  • History of Technology
    Martin Collins, Smithsonian Institution
    Heidi Voskuhl, University of Pennsylvania
  • History and Philosophy of Science
    Gary Hatfield, University of Pennsylvania
    Miriam Solomon, Temple University
  • History of Human Sciences
    Jamie Cohen-Cole, George Washington Univ.
  • History of Early Modern Sciences
    Peter Dear, Cornell University
    Robert Westman, U.C., San Diego
  • History of Ancient & Medieval Sciences
    Nahyan Fancy, DePauw University
    Darin Hayton, Haverford College
  • Science Beyond the West
    Mary Brazelton, University of Cambridge
    Ramah McKay, University of Pennsylvania
    Projit Mukharji, University of Pennsylvania
  • History of Medicine and Health
    Paul Theerman, New York Academy of Medicine
    Nancy Tomes, Stony Brook University
    Keith Wailoo, Princeton University
  • History of Earth and Environmental Sciences
    Frederick Davis, Purdue University
    Jeremy Vetter, University of Arizona

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