July 2020 Newsletter

Bernie Lightman (left) HSS President presenting the Sarton Medal to Norton Wise at HSS-2019 in Utrecht.

Roundtable with 2019 Sarton Medalist, Norton Wise
The 2019 Sarton Medal-—HSS’s highest honor, which recognizes a lifetime of scholarly achievements in the history of science—was awarded to Norton Wise, Distinguished Research Professor of History (emeritus) at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Swapping Recipes (On How to Study Recipes): A Conversation
Scholarship via recipes of all sorts lies at the center of this article featuring a Q&A between the authors of two prize-winning pieces of writing.

Innovations in Education
Innovations abound in our discipline as evidenced by the two articles in this section. In the first, Phillip Sloan (Professor Emeritus, University of Notre Dame) tells about taking history of science to a most unusual audience, and in the second, Paola Bertucci (Yale University) shares details of a website created as a final project along with the students of a graduate seminar, when the COVID-19 lockdown made it impossible for her to teach her class as she usually would have.

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