See You in Seattle

The preliminary program for the HSS conference in Seattle (1-4 Nov) is now available. Thanks to the work of Ryan Feigenbaum, HSS’s Coordinator, you will notice numerous changes in the online program. After a careful search for abstract submission software, we decided on a program called Dryfta, which offers many powerful ways to view the schedule. Dryfta not only allows you to search by format (e.g. Organized session, Flashtalk, etc.) it also helps you find talks by topic, by speaker, by time, and by room. Dryfta works on mobile devices, which means we will only need to update one source for program changes (of which there are many), and it will also allow us to register participants for the program, which will save the Executive Office countless hours.

And if the program’s quality is not enough to entice you to come (and we are grateful to Michael Reidy and David Sepkoski for their work on the program), the city of Seattle itself should be alluring. One of the more beautiful and more progressive cities in the United States, Seattle prides itself on its forward-looking views. Equally important, the metropolis will help us with our goal of sustainable meetings through numerous measures: a heavy reliance on hydro-electric power, ample and affordable mass transportation (the light rail from the airport is $2.75 and lands you a block from the conference hotel), and important conservation measures, such as its recent ban of plastic drinking straws in July 2018, the latter marking the beginning of closing the circle referenced in the iconic/ironic utterance in the movie The Graduate: “There’s a great future in plastics.” Added to this is an unsurpassed beauty, with mountains in the east (the Cascades), in the west (the Olympics) and one of the more beautiful inactive volcanoes in the world, Mt. Rainier, which you probably will not be able to see because it will be raining or about to rain. Pike’s Place Market is a short walk, downhill, from the conference hotel, where you can find items from around the world and pause for a demonstration of fish throwing (not to be confused with fish slapping).

We will have much more about the meeting in the upcoming weeks. And don’t forget to set your calendars for Utrecht 2019 (July 23-27), HSS’s first meeting outside of North America.