July 2017 Newsletter

History of Science Knowledge Fair
Photo by Lisa Festa

Princeton and MIT Days of Engagement and Action
In the early New Year of 2017, student groups at Princeton and MIT asked faculty, staff, students, and university affiliates to suspend normal activities on March 8 and April 18, respectively. Organizers asked university communities to participate in inclusive, intensive dialogue about urgent matters of social, political, economic, and environmental concerns.

Perspectives on the Past: Archaeology, Museums, Science Studies
The study of the human material past has not received as much attention from historians of science and science studies scholars as has natural history. But recent work within the history of archaeology and related fields suggests that science studies would strongly benefit from a more genuine engagement with the recent “material turn” in relation to the study of collecting, and of the ancient past.

DePauw Hosts First Undergraduate Research Conference on Science, Technology, Medicine and Society
Between March 10 and March 12, 2017, DePauw University (Greencastle, Indiana) welcomed ten students from across the country to present their engaging work on topics as diverse as debates in the Early American Republic over science and religion, to ethical concerns raised by cyberattacks such as Stuxnet—the computer worm that attacked Iranian nuclear enrichment centrifuges.

Teaching and Advising in Feminist Scholarship: Why the Bra Makes Me Think that We Still Have a Long Way to Go
Although I am known for my work on the history of the natural sciences and gender, sometimes I like to escape from the “hard sciences” to work on the history of technology. As a friend once told me, this is something I do for my soul. I explored Greece’s historical passage from East to West at the turn of the 20th century by focusing on women’s hats as technologically sophisticated artifacts.

Historians of Science March for Science
Across the United States and around the globe, historians of science, medicine, and technology responded to the call to March for Science in Washington DC and in cities worldwide on Saturday, April 22, 2017.

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