July 2016 Newsletter

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On Time: The Quest for Precision

From sundials to atomic clocks, the fascinating story of increasing accuracy in timekeeping, as documented in rare books and journals, will be on view at an exhibition in New York City at the Grolier Club (14 Sept to 19 Nov 2016). From the fifteenth century to the present, the tale unfolds in books from the comprehensive collections of the Linda Hall Library in Kansas City, Missouri, an independent research library that specializes in science, engineering, and technology.

Notes from the Inside: The HSS Annual Meeting

The Executive Office is undergoing a dramatic shift in personality. Many members associate the Office with the annual meeting, and indeed we estimate that one half of our time is devoted to the conference.

How Do We Make the Future?

Many academic workshops suffer from the proverbial falling-tree-in-the-woods syndrome, where a brief symphony, orchestrated in a new place around new faces and new ideas, fades into distant and ultimately inaudible murmurs as the participants scatter. We wanted to experiment with a new form of scholarship to give our two-day workshop on “Histories of the Future” a much longer and meaningful echo.

Member News

In Memoriam: Robert David Joseph

Midwest Junto visits Galileo’s World

Galileo’s signed copy of Sidereus Nuncius, a 1/10th scale model of the Tower of Pisa, and an 18th century pocket sundial were some of the materials on view for attendees of this year’s Midwest Junto for the History of Science, held in Norman, at the University of Oklahoma, 1-3 April.

Lone Star Historians of Science—2016

The Lone Star History of Science Group held its twenty-ninth annual meeting on 15 April 2016 at the University of Texas in Austin. The gathering was hosted by Bruce Hunt of UT.

News from the Profession