January 2021 Newsletter

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Sarton Medalist Jim Bennett at the HSS Virtual Forum
One of the highlights of our 2020 virtual forum—an event with many highs—was the Sarton Medal Plenary session honoring the 2020 recipient, Jim Bennett. This year’s plenary took the form of a fascinating and engaging conversation between the medalist and a distinguished panel of historians of science, assembled by the organizing committee—Karen Rader, Sarah Qidwai, and Jean-François Gauvin (with a little help from the Newsletter). Paola Bertucci anchored the session and introduced the interlocutors—Jahnavi Phalkey, Erich Weidenhammer, Anna Toledano, Tim Boon and Jean-François—and Robert Bud offered closing remarks. Both for those HSS members who missed the session or for those who wish to revisit it, here is an edited version of the session.

Lysenko, Once Again
The 2020 Derek Price/Rod Webster Prize recognizing excellence in the scholarship published in Isis was awarded to Michael Gordin, Rosengarten Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at Princeton University, for his article “Lysenko Unemployed: Soviet Genetics After the Aftermath,” v. 109, no. 1 (2018). Here, Michael shares some of the backstory of how he came to writing about this topic, as well as the implications of his findings for future scholarship.

Abby Collier, Senior Acquisitions Editor at the University of Pittsburgh Press

Interview with an Editor
Next to writing and defending one’s dissertation, writing and publishing books is likely one of the most intense intellectual activities in the career of many historians of science, regardless of whether one is in academia or outside of it. The HSS Newsletter is therefore excited to present this interview with an editor from one of the academic presses specializing in publishing books in our discipline. Abby Collier, Senior Acquisitions Editor at the University of Pittsburgh Press, demystifies the publishing process and offers tips on how to get a book published.

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