January 2017 Newsletter

A full house listens to the 2016 Distinguished Lecture

Convincing Students… of What? Teaching STS in a Changing World

When I started teaching in the early 1980s, what I most hoped to convince students of was to question the authority of science. Today, in lower-level courses, I worry that doing so may encourage their rejection of science, and I don’t want to give ammunition to my undergraduates who don’t believe in global warming or evolution.

Shrinking the Gender Gap at Science Meeting: Diversity by Design Part 2

Science and technology meetings have long struggled with the gender gap: too many all male panels and speakers. One association that is leading the way towards gender parity at its meetings is the American Society for Microbiology (ASM).

The HSS Atlanta Conference

The 2016 HSS meeting in Atlanta was a success, according to the 219 attendees who submitted post-meeting surveys.

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