January 2016 Newsletter

Download a pdf of the January Newsletter here.

From the President

Publication of this January 2016 Newsletter provides a welcome opportunity for the officers of the Society to wish members a very happy new year, and to thank our outgoing president Angela Creager most sincerely for her inspired leadership. Presidents come and go, but Angela has been special.

Notes From the Inside: What are We Doing?

One of the more surprising findings from our strategic plan was discovering that our members are not exactly clear on what the HSS Executive Office does. I am trying to remedy that, in part, by providing regular updates on our activities and most significantly through an annual report—the latest version appears in this Newsletter.

Reflections on the Prague Conference “Gendering Science”

Six historians of science and technology from the U.S. (the largest delegation after that of the host country—the Czech Republic) joined participants from 18 countries at this international conference, held on 4-6 June 2015.

Lone Star Historians of Science—2015

The Lone Star History of Science Group held its twenty-eighth annual meeting on 3 April 2015 at the University of Houston. The gathering was hosted by Ioanna Semendeferi of the University of Houston and Cyrus Mody, then of Rice University and now of the University of Maastricht.

Lecturing on the History of Science in Unexpected Places: Chronicling One Year on the Road

Waking up near midnight with a need to visit the restroom, I decided to go on deck for a quick look about. For all I knew we were still sailing below the Antarctic Circle, but it was February 3, 2015, and so the midnight sun had passed and it was finally dark outside.

A Renaissance in Medieval Medical History

It may seem odd to take the metaphor of cultural rebirth—one that is usually used to contrast the medieval period with its successor—to describe the current state of medieval medical history.

Member News

In Memoriam: John Farley, Hamilton Cravens, Charles Gillispie

HSS Annual Report

Under the leadership of Angela Creager (HSS President), the Society accomplished a great deal in 2015. In addition to ongoing and important activities, such as the annual meeting, the prizes, the publications, and the website, the HSS undertook numerous initiatives.

Results of the 2015 Annual Post-Meeting Survey

The 2015 HSS meeting in San Francisco will long be remembered as one of the better conferences. Approximately 785 people registered for the meeting, and we received 136 post-meeting survey responses. This feedback provides us insights on what we did well and what we might still improve.

News from the Profession

History of Science Society 2015 Prize Winners