2014 JCSEPHS Event

by Paige Madison (Arizona State University)

At this year’s joint History of Science Society (HSS) and Philosophy of Science Association (PSA) meeting in Chicago, the Joint Caucus for Socially Engaged Philosophers and Historians of Science (JCSEPHS) brought together experts and scholars in order to foster social engagement. Organized by Sandra Mitchell, Jane Maienschein, Rachel Ankeny, Dawn Digrius, and Julia Bursten, the event sought to bring to professional historians and philosophers of science the resources and know-how for social engagement.

The event took place on Thursday night, during the opening reception of the conferences, and included a number of tables dedicated to various aspects of social engagement. These tables focused on the following themes: Podcasts with Carla Nappi (University of British Columbia); Science Museums and Exhibitions with Kate MacCord and Erica O’Neil (Arizona State University); Engaging Federal Agencies and Committees with Lee Zwanziger (US Food and Drug Administration); Instant HPS: Short Videos for a General Audience with Sandy Mitchell, John Norton, and Trey Boone (University of Pittsburgh); Using Social Media (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) to Get Out the Message with Paige Madison and Steve Elliott (Arizona State University); Talking with the Press with Naomi Oreskes (Harvard University); How I got Inside the Beltway with Jim Fleming (Colby College); Communicating Science on Socially Relevant Topics with Kevin Elliott (Michigan State University) and Dan McKaughan (Boston College); Protecting At-risk People and Consulting for Federal Agencies with Kristin Shrader-Frechette, Dustin Crummett, Emily Spencer, and Rebecca Thomas (University of Notre Dame), and Christopher Glueck (Indiana University); Deliberative and Participatory Projects with Rachel Ankeny and Heather Bray (University of Adelaide); Toolbox Project with Michael O’Rourke and Sean Valles (Michigan State University), and Chad Gonnerman (University of Southern Indiana); Library Talks for the Public with Dan Hicks (Western University); (History of) Science Cafes with Jessica Baron (HSS).

Visitors to the tables were able to discuss issues of social engagement and share tips for success, and visitors were given trading cards produced by JCSEPHS with tips on social engagement. This first event put on by JCSEPHS showed increasing interest in social engagement by both historians and philosophers of science, and JCSEPHS hopes to put on similarly engaging events at meetings in the future. For further information on this event and future activities, please contact the JCSEPHS co-chairs: Dawn Digrius (ddigrius@calstate.edu) and Rachel Ankeny (rachel.ankeny@adelaide.edu.au).