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Vol. 44, No. 1, January 2015
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President Angela Creager and Editor Floris Cohen (right) exchange the new Editor’s contract as Treasurer Adam Apt smiles on benevolently.

President Angela Creager and Editor Floris Cohen (right) exchange the new Editor’s contract as Treasurer Adam Apt smiles on benevolently.

From the HSS Editorial Office

With Jay’s kind permission, we in the Editorial Office have begun a series of columns for the Newsletter, under the no nonsense title of “From the HSS Editorial Office.” The basic idea will always be the same. From a North American perspective, the Isis editorial office seems far away, so we in Utrecht want to reassure the HSS membership that in between each issue of Isis the journal is alive and kicking, and in doing so inform you about a variety of matters that keep my team and me occupied.  Click here to continue…

Notes from the Inside: Strategic Plan—Implementation

I enjoy Scott Adams’ cartoon, “Dilbert,” which explores the lives of engineers caught in the thrall of a clueless, pointy-haired boss. Since I am in the midst of reifying HSS’s recently approved strategic plan and Adams ran a strip on strategic planning, I thought I would share it with you.  Click here to continue…

Stories of Lives Lived, Lessons for Living?

A series of accidents heightened my interest in stories. The first, a car crash at the age of sixteen, dissolved my naive sense of certainty and left me searching. Long after my somewhat unexpected but full recovery seemed complete, I was hounded by an awareness that death could come to anyone and at any time. Click here to continue…

2014 HSS Meeting Survey Results

With more than 1300 registrants, the 2014 History of Science Society Annual Meeting and the Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting were the best attended joint meeting of our two groups. Click here to continue . . .

2014 JCSEPHS Event

At this year’s joint History of Science Society (HSS) and Philosophy of Science Association (PSA) meeting in Chicago, the Joint Caucus for Socially Engaged Philosophers and Historians of Science (JCSEPHS) held an event that was dedicated to social engagement activities. Click here to continue . . .

The HSS Strategic Plan: A Roadmap to the Future

Early in 2013, the History of Science Society Executive Committee made a commitment to launch a structured strategic planning initiative to take on the tasks of reviewing the organization’s mission; agreeing on a vision; identifying and coping with changing circumstances; providing a framework of deliberate priorities to guide day-to-day decision-making and allocation of human and financial resources; evaluating performance and organizational effectiveness; and making a sound case for philanthropic support.  Click here to continue . . .

When a member of the HSS asked me for the Society’s annual report, I was surprised (and delighted) by her request. Surprised because, during my many years at the HSS, I had not been asked for an annual report by a member (I do file biannual reports for the Executive Committee) and delighted because it affords me the chance to describe our numerous activities.  Click here to continue . . .

Jürgen Renn, Director at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin, has won the 2014 Francis Bacon Award for his influential studies of structural changes in systems of knowledge. Click here to continue . . .

Sarton Medal Speech: “Praising Famous Men”

Several years ago—and long before I got Angela Creager’s phone call about this extraordinary honor—my wife and I were taking one of our usual weekend walks in Cambridge’s Mount Auburn cemetery—a beautiful garden cemetery where Boston’s Brahmins have, for almost two centuries, liked to be interred. Click here to continue . . .

Member News

News from members of the History of Science Society. Click here to continue . . .

In Memoriam

Memorial information about members of the History of Science Society. Click to continue . . .

News from the Profession

News from the History of Science. Click to continue . . .

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