April 2019 Newsletter

The European Society for History of Science’s (ESHS) Recent Meeting: Reflections and Lessons for HSS Members

The 8th biennial ESHS meeting was held in London on 14-17 September 2018, with the Institute of Education at University College, London serving as its main venue. Half a dozen members of the History of Science Society (HSS) benefitted from a “Group Travel Grant” awarded by the NSF-STS Program, in line with its prior sponsorship of similar groups of scholars to ESHS-2016 in Prague, among other international conferences.

To See the Suffering

Many humanities professors these days feel besieged. Departments are being eliminated on some campuses. The job market is terrible. Politicians and pundits regularly question the importance of the humanities, especially in comparison with science fields.

Dreams of Diversity for HSS

I am writing this on International Women’s Day (8 March), a time when the world consciously marks the impact of women. The day celebrates the creative power of women, from my classical music station playing pieces composed and performed by women, to my morning news feed offering tips on empowerment.

Diplomatic Studies of Science: The Nuclear Diplomacies Workshop in Japan and Greece

From November 9 to 11, 2018 around twenty historians of science and technology accompanied by a few international studies scholars met in SOKENDAI, Japan to discuss what nuclear science has to do with diplomacy.

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