Resources for honoring native land

The practice of honoring Native land should be the subject of a larger conversation by the HSS membership. This December, HSS Council will likely revisit the discussion of the place of land acknowledgments in HSS meetings. Currently, Land Acknowledgments are the discretion and responsibility of Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Committee and Committee on Meetings and Programs.

One of the unique features of the 2020 Virtual Forum is its virtual character and lack of local specificity. The Land Acknowledgement Special Interest Group has organized several resources for speakers and/or panel that would like to honor Native land.

Here is a list of Tribal Nations with state or federal recognition from the United states, with links/contact information, and links to GIS maps of Indigenous land in the US and globally.

Some guides:

Duwamish Tribe

Canadian Association of University Teachers

U.S. Department of Art and Culture

The Native Governance Center

Some examples:

University of Notre Dame

University of British Columbia

FAQs and Bibliography created by the Land Acknowledgement Special Interest Group and approved by the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion and Committee on Meetings and Programs.