# ✈️ Grants

The History of Science Society offers several grants to defer the cost of membership or attending the meeting, which are administed by the Executive Office. These grants are vital to encouraging ... This year, the HSS was able to offer grants to 100% of applicants. Grant information and statistics provided below.

# NSF Travel Grant


The HSS is currently in the process of distributing funds to 2019 grantees

The National Science Foundation grant (#1656205) is intended to help defray travel and registration costs to attend academic meetings. Expenses covered by the grant include transportation to and from the meeting and registration fees. Eligible grantees include graduate students, recent PhDs (received in the last five years), and independent scholars who are participating in the meeting (e.g., presenting a paper, Society governance, etc.) and who are US citizens or enrolled at US institutions.

# Grantee Data

# Grantee Feedback

After working outside of academia as an independent historian, it is wonderful to be engaging in a scholarly community for the first time.

This has been my first non-natural science academic conference, and it has been absolutely exciting to find other research that aligns and expands on what I have been struggling to address within my own field. The large number and diversity of lectures allowed for real networking opportunities with presenters, and other attendees who engaged in the Q&As. Special thanks to the moderators who kept time so well, to allow for sufficient discussion!

Thank you so much for the assistance -- it made my participation possible

It was a very useful conference and the panel feedback will help me to revise my scholarship and prepare it for publication

I wasn't planning on attending because finances were incredibly tight this summer, but once I received notification of the grant, I ensured I would get the best out of this meeting

As an independent scholar the opportunity to engage with other scholars is an essential part of both intellectual growth and visibility. The NSF travel grants make this possible and brings to established scholars the voice and insight of those outside of the academy.

Financial support for travel to Utrecht gave me a rare and valuable opportunity to discuss my research with a group of European scholars who are experts on my sources.

The NSF travel grant has been a vital resource for establishing and maintaining important professional relationships that are essential for establishing myself as an early career scholar in the history of science. I have benefited both directly and indirectly in my research, teaching, and professional engagement from conference participation supported over the years and in the present by the NSF grant, leading to new collaborations, research projects, pedagogical approaches, and contributions to the field.

# 9-Societies Travel Grant


In 2018, HSS distributed over $80,000 in NSF travel grant funds to attendees of &HPS, AAHM, ASEH, HOPOS, HSS, PSA, SHOT, and SLSA

In addition to administering NSF travel grants for the HSS meeting, the Executive Office also oversee the grant for eight other academic societies as well as for the International Union of History and Philosophy of Technology. The entire list of organizations included in this grant is listed below.

  1. American Association for the History of Medicine (AAHM)
  2. American Society for Environmental History (ASEH)
  3. History of Science Society (HSS)
  4. Integrated History and Philosophy of Science (&HPS)
  5. International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS)
  6. International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB)
  7. International Union of History and Philosophy of Technology (IUHPST/DLMPST)
  8. Philosophy of Science Association (PSA)
  9. Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA)
  10. Society for the History of Technology (SHOT)

# HSS International Travel Grant

For attendees who are not eligible for the NSF grant—namely, non-US citizens enrolled at non-US institutions—the HSS offers international travel grants that have the same purpose as the NSF travel grant, that is, to defer the cost of attending the annual meeting. These grants are also available to graduate students, recent PhDs (received in the last five years), and independent scholars who are participating in the meeting (e.g., presenting a paper, Society governance, etc.). This grant is supported by donations from members and attendees. Thank you to these donors!

Applicants Grantees Amount Requested Amount Granted Amount Distributed Average Award
60 52 $34,692.28 $15,246.52 $12,262.46 $235.82

# Currencies Distributed in 2019

BRL (Brazilian real)

CAD (Canadian dollar)

CHF (Swiss franc)

DKK (Danish krone)

EUR (Euro)

GBP (Pound sterling)

HKD (Hong Kong dollar)

HRK (Croatian kuna)

INR (Indian rupee)

JPY (Japanese yen)

MXN (Mexican peso)


USD (United States dollar)

# Dependent Care Grant

The HSS dependent care grant offers support up to $200 to assist delegates who require additional dependent care during the meeting. Dependent care may include childcare, either on site or at home, or any assistance required to attend the meeting. This grant is supported by donations from members and attendees. Thank you to these donors!

Applications Grantees Total Amount Awarded
8 5 $812

Applicants who did not receive a grant either did not accept it or did not meet eligibility criteria.


Currently, the HSS is sponsoring 11 scholars

# What Is the Sponsor-a-Scholar Program?

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The Sponsor-a-Scholar Program aims to help scholars who live in countries that are not party to the Convention on the Organization for the Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) become active members of the HSS.

Selected by a subcommittee of the HSS Committee on Membership, sponsored scholars receive a free electronic membership in HSS (renewable up to three years), which includes subscriptions to Isis, Osiris, and the HSTM Database, along with other benefits. In return, sponsored members are expected to help further the HSS's international outreach efforts.

The HSS is continuing to welcome scholars into this program. Interested applicants should send a 2-page application letter stating experience in the history of science and their proposal to publicize HSS in their region as well as a 2-page CV to Zuoyue Wang.

جمعية تاريخ العلوم تعلن فتح باب التقدم لبرنامج “دعم الباحثين.” https://hssonline.org/membership/sponsor-a-scholar-program/ يهدف البرنامج لدعم عضوية الباحثين من خارج دول منظمة التعاون الاقتصادي والتنمية في الجمعية. تقوم لجنة فرعية مشكلة من أعضاء لجنة العضوية بالاختيار من ضمن المتقدمين ، ويحصل الباحثون المدعومون على عضوية مجانية (قابلة للتجديد لمدة ثلاث سنوات) تتضمن اشتراكا في المجلات العلمية للجمعية —Isis و Osiris— وقاعدة بيانات تاريخ العلوم والتكنولوجيا والطب، بالإضافة لمميزات أخرى. في المقابل، يقوم الباحثون المدعومون بدعم الجهود الدولية للجمعية. على الراغبين في التقدم إرسال ما يلي:

خطاب تقديم من صفحتين يتضمن عرضا لخبرات المتقدم واهتماماته في حقل تاريخ العلوم ورؤيته لكيفية الترويج للجمعية في منطقتهم الجغرافية، بالإضافة لسيرة ذاتية من صفحتين. برجاء ارسال ما سبق على البريد الالكتروني التالي:

Zuoyue Wang > zywang@cpp.edu

A History of Science Society (HSS) está anunciando um chamado para inscrições para seu programa Sponsor-a-Scholar. Este programa visa ajudar os acadêmicos que vivem em países que não fazem parte da Organização para a Cooperação e Desenvolvimento Econômico (OCDE) a se tornarem membros ativos da HSS.

Selecionados pelo subcomitê de filiação da HSS, os acadêmicos patrocinados receberão uma filiação eletrônica gratuita da HSS (renovável em até três anos), que inclui assinaturas para Isis, Osiris e o Banco de Dados HSTM, juntamente com outros benefícios. Em troca, espera-se que os membros patrocinados cooperem ainda mais com os esforços de divulgação internacional da HSS.

Os candidatos interessados devem enviar:

– Carta de candidatura de 2 páginas declarando suas experiências, interesses em história da ciência e proposta de divulgação da HSS em sua região.

– CV de 2 páginas.

Favor enviar os documentos acima para:

Zuoyue Wang ou zuoyuewang em gmail.com.

美国科学史学会的“赞助学者”计划(https://hssonline.org/membership/sponsor-a-scholar-program/): (美国)科学史学会(History of Science Society HSS)邀请大家申请它的“赞助学者”计划。这个计划的目的是让那些生活在非欧洲经合组织(OECD)国家的学者成为HSS的活跃成员(亚洲国家里只有日本和南韩是OECD成员)。HSS 会员委员会的一个分委员会将负责挑选工作。被选中的“赞助学者”将获得HSS免费会员资格(可延续至三年),包括电子订阅 Isis、Osiris,科学技术医学史数据库以及其它福利。而反过来HSS希望“赞助学者”能够协助它的国际化努力。有兴趣的申请者请递交两个文件:一个两页申请信,说明你在科学史方面的经历和兴趣,以及你将如何在你的地区传播HSS的信息,和一个两页简历。请用电子邮件将上述资料寄达王作跃(zywang@cpp.edu). 直接加入HSS的网址是http://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/journals/subscribe/isis.html。

Программа Общества по Истории Науки по поддержке членства в Обществе (The History of Science Society’s Sponsored A Scholar (SAS) Program)

Общество по истории науки (The History of Science Society, HSS) объявляет конкурс заявок на участие в программе Sponsor-a-Scholar (https://hssonline.org/membership/sponsor-a-scholar-program/). Эта программа имеет целью покрытие расходов на членство в Обществе по истории науки (HSS) для ученых проживающих в странах, которые не являются членами OECD, и не имеющих финансовой возможности присоединиться к обществу и стать его активными членами. Поданные заявки на участие в программе будут рассмотрены комиссией по членству в Обществе. Победители получат бесплатное членство в Обществе сроком до трех лет, что включает в себя подписку на журналы Isis, Osiris, доступ в базам данных, а также другие привилегии. В свою очередь, от финалистов ожидается активное участие в деятельности Общества по истории науки и в продвижении его международных мероприятий в регионе проживания финалиста.

Для участия в конкурсе необходимо прислать следующие материалы: письмо-заявка с объяснением опыта работы в истории науки, исследовательских интересов, и Ваших предложений по распространению информации об Обществе по истории науки в Вашем регионе (не более 2 страниц); резюме (не более 2 страниц). Заявки могут быть посланы в электронном виде по ссылке: Zuoyue Wang (или на электронную почту zywang@cpp.edu). Информация о членстве в Обществе доступна по ссылке: http://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/journals/subscribe/isis.html.

# OECD Countries

Eligible scholars include anyone not based in one of the following countries






Czech Republic













South Korea





New Zealand










United Kingdom

United States

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