# 🌷 Acknowledgments

The History of Science Society's annual meeting takes a village and then some.

  • Thank you to our attendees who weathered less than ideal circumstances to keep the meeting moving forward, to put it lightly. Heat, hunger, and jet lag make a dangerous combination, but attendees were patient, gracious, and amiable.

  • Thank you to our program co-chairs, Christine von Oertzen and Simon Werret, who had the unenviable task of trying to organize 800 exceptionally strong submissions into an interesting and coherent program.

  • Thank you to the Local Arrangements Committee, constituted by Ariane den Daas, Annemarijn Douwes, David Baneke, Bert Theunissen, and Odette Jansen, who made the HSS meeting possible. They were our liason to Utrecht University, our translators, our local organizers, and our guides to everything Dutch.

See below for a sample of the praises from attendees for the Local Arrangements Committee and Utrecht volunteers.

# Praise for the Utrecht LAC and Volunteers

The local organizers did a fantastic job, especially in light of the changes that needed to be made as a result of the unusual temperatures. I think this was the best-ever HSS meeting I've attended.

I mostly want to praise them for the incredibly fantastic job. They immediately understood that the one thing that was urgently needed (on top of everything else) was cold water everywhere, and a lot of it. This worked excellently well. I also was impressed by their ability to reschedule sessions spontaneously into rooms with AC. Top job!! Thank you very, very much!!

They were fantastic!! They worked with unusual conditions and rose to the challenge-impressive!

Very pleasant venue, good signage, friendly and knowledgeable student assistants.

I think they did a heroic job in unprecedented climatic conditions. I really appreciated the water (including the 'real' fruity water), the reusable drink flask, the efficiency of registration etc., the resources of the institution as a whole. I know this is not a suggestion, but I would like to express it anyway, since it was one of the best HSS meetings I have attended!

The student assistants were uniformly awesome -- super helpful and friendly and doing a great job. Thanks!

A big thank you for the extremely smooth organisation! The 'Crew' was always easily recognisable with their yellow shirts, they were everywhere (which was amazing), and also did a really good job in pointing people into the right direction for the lectures. A suburb organisation, thanks!

This was a very successful congress, due to your (typically Dutch) preparation and hard work. :-) Communication was excellent. You did an EXCELLENT job of addressing the heat emergency. This type of situation is a Local Arrangements Committee's worst nightmare. You kept everyone safe, calm, and engaged. Every session I attended, even on the hottest two days, had a good audience. The Descartes students in the yellow shirts were FANTASTIC. They were a key to your success, as well as the hard-working organizers. Congratulations! And thank you very much for hosting us so generously.

The staff and technicians on the ground were excellent! They were kind, knowledgeable, responsive, patient, and numerous!!

# ❤ī¸ Supporters

Thank you to our supporters!

  • University of Notre Dame
  • National Science Foundation
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Descartes Center for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities, Utrecht University
  • Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University
  • Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands
  • Boerhaave Museum, Dutch National Museum for the History of Science and Medicine
  • Ammodo Foundation
  • University of Chicago Press
  • University of Chicago Press, Journals Division
  • Brent Dibner, Dibner Institute
  • Miles Davis
  • Pfizer
  • Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Wiley
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