Recent Isis articles on the history of race and racism in science

In an effort to contribute to the ongoing discussion about systemic racism and racist violence in the United States and around the world, we (the co-editors of Isis) have compiled this selection of articles from recent years that examine the role of science in constructing and perpetuating assumptions about race, and the consequences of these practices for society.

The works listed on this page are critical examinations of Western science, and of the discipline of history of science. We especially encourage you to take a look at the newest Isis feature, an “Open Conversation” from our June 2020 issue between nine scholars on the topic of our field’s diversity and how we measure it. This and several other articles listed here are free to read without a subscription for a limited time.

  • Open Conversation: Diversifying the Discipline or Disciplining Diversity? (Special section, June 2020) FREE TO READ