NSF Funded Travel Grants for 2017 International Congress of History of Science and Technology in Rio

Please Note: While we are optimistic that we will receive the funding grant from the National Science Foundation, we have not currently received confirmation. Acceptance of applications for funding is not a guarantee that funds will be available.

Travel Grants are for transportation to and from the conference hotel, including shuttle services, and meeting registration; they do not cover other expenses, including taxis during the meeting, lodging, or food. Travel Grants are reimbursed after the conference. Reimbursement Forms will be emailed to grant awardees immediately following the congress.

Travel Grants are only available to those persons participating in the 2017 congress (e.g. presenting a paper, chairing a session, commentator for a session). All other applications will be rejected. Eligible candidates include graduate students, independent scholars, and recent PhD’s (received in the last five years). Only U.S. citizens and individuals at U.S. institutions are eligible for NSF-funded travel grants.

Travel Grant recipients must follow the NSF guidelines regarding using US-flag carrier for flights. In most cases, this means that US-flag carriers must be used on all portions of air travel, though exceptions may also be made for excessive travel time. Failure to follow NSF guidelines for international flights will result in reduced or no reimbursement for your travel. The NSF guidelines may be viewed here. If you are unsure if your planned flight will be eligible for reimbursement, please contact the HSS Executive Office at info@hssonline.org before booking the flight. If your institution has a research office, they may also be able to provide guidance.

Please be aware that we regularly receive more grant requests than we can fulfill. Submitting this application does not guarantee that we will be able to reimburse your travel costs.

Also be sure to submit any necessary paperwork for visas and other travel documents in a timely manner.

The deadline for applications for the 2017 ICHST is Monday, 1 May 2017. Any applications submitted after this date may not be considered.

Please go to this page to submit your application.