Special Student Rate

As a student, what do you get from joining the premier professional organization of historians of science? Unlike some organizations, student members of HSS get full membership privileges–at less than one-third the price. You’ll get your own copy of Isis every quarter, a copy of Osiris every year, an email link to the newsletter, and full voting rights for electing the society’s officers. Welcome to the community!

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of membership is access to the History of Science and Technology Database. The database combines bibliographic resources professionally assembled by the History of Science Society bibliographer. HSS employs a professional bibliographer to comb through journals and books published around the world, saving you valuable research time. Any time of the day or night, regardless of library hours, you can search for the secondary sources you need for writing papers and for dissertation research. You can’t get this free elsewhere on the web, and you can’t build this extensive scholarly compilation yourself.

You’ll also get access to the Society’s job listings and grant notices. We search out job openings in the history of science, technology, and medicine from all around the world. Job advertisements for teaching, research, post-doctoral, and public history positions regularly appear on our web site and in the newsletter. Both members and paid Executive Office staffers compile grant and fellowship information, providing a central clearing-house to help you find the funding you need.

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