[Virtual Seminar] Dreaming Like a Market: Beneath the rise and fall of China’s P2P lending platforms

Dreaming Like a Market:

Beneath the rise and fall of China’s P2P lending platforms

In the past decade, Chinese people have swarmed into the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending industry as lenders and borrowers. Meanwhile, millions of desperate investors lost their life’s savings on these P2P platforms, many of which turned out to be Ponzi schemes. This talk derives from an article recently winning the Schneider Student Paper Prize Honorable Mention by Society for Economic Anthropology, AAA, and published in Economic Anthropology. It presents a failed yet influential social experiment of digital finance in the world’s largest developing economy and examines the fantasy of beneficial technology in shaping market morality and its unintended consequences.

About the Author:
Yichen Rao is a PhD candidate in Anthropology and STS at HKIHSS, University of Hong Kong. His dissertation fieldwork, funded by Wenner-Gren, is about China’s “internet finance” industry. He is an Adam Smith fellow at George Mason University and received Ernst Mach grant at University of Vienna. He studies digital economy, finance and technology in China.


Jan. 12, 2021


12:00-1:30 pm (GMT)

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