UHPST-DHST Council Nominations (deadline 1/11/20)

The International Union of History and Philosophy of Science – Division of History of Science and Technology (IUHPST-DHST) is currently seeking nominations for membership of its Council. Further information may be found below.

Anyone interested in nominating should please let me know (icsu@science.org.au) by Sunday November 1st 2020. As nominations must be made through the Academy, this will allow adequate time for our internal approval processes.


Below is a letter to the DHST/IUHPST Ordinary members:

Dear Presidents and dear members of the Ordinary Members of IUHPST/DHST,

DHST Council has appointed me President of the Nominations Committee for the elections of
the next Council which will take place during the DHST General Assembly in Prague, in July
2021. The other members of the Committee are: June Barrow-Green (UK), Silvia Figueirôa
(Brazil), Donald Opitz (USA) and Shi Yunli (China).

According to Article 2.1 of the DHST Rules of Procedures, (http://dhstweb.org/wp-
content/uploads/2018/10/DHST-RoP-2018.pdf), Ordinary Members (i.e. the National

Committees) send nominations to the Nominations Committee.
The Nominations Committee has as a duty to verify the validity of the nominations it
receives, and that the nominations have regard to the principles of gender balance and cultural

diversity, in accordance with Article 2.e of the DHST Statutes (http://dhstweb.org/wp-
content/uploads/2018/10/DHST-Statutes-2018.pdf). Moreover, it shall use its best endeavors to ensure that it receives at least two nominations for each elective office.

To ensure regard to the principles of gender balance and cultural diversity, the Nominations
Committee shall “if necessary solicit further nominations from Ordinary Members, and
suggestions from Sections and Commissions” (Article 2.1). For this purpose, nominations
will take place in two steps:

– A first round of nominations will be open until 15 November 2020. Then, if need be,

– the Nominations Committee will solicit further nominations, and, for this second round ask
for suggestions from Sections and Commissions. The deadline for this second round of
nominations will be 25 March 2021.


During both rounds, only Ordinary Members may send in nominations. Sections and
Commission must send their suggestions to an Ordinary Member which submits the


Nominations shall be sought for the following officers: – President-Elect – First Vice-President – Second Vice-President – Secretary General
– Treasurer
– Assistant Secretary General
– Six members (assessors)


Reelection of board members follow specific rules (see article 20 of the statutes).
Please, as mentioned above, take into account gender balance and cultural diversity. A one page CV and a statement of acceptance of the nomination (an e-mail message will be
considered as valid) are required from each nominated candidate.

I look forward to receiving your nominations no later than 15 November 2020.
Please send them to me by e-mail: efnicol@eie.gr and cc to the other members of the
committee: June.Barrow-Green@open.ac.uk, ylshi@ustc.edu.cn, silviamf@unicamp.br,


In the meantime, please do not hesitate to get back to the Nominations Committee if you need
any further information.


On behalf of the Nominations Committee,
Sincerely yours,

Efthymios Nicolaidis
President of IUHPST/DHST Nominations Committee