Special Issue of “Endeavour”

Danian Hu has organized a special issue of the journal Endeavour concerning Chinese STM in the Cultural Revolution. Six other colleagues (Western and Chinese) have contributed to this special issue of Endeavour, Volume 41, Issue 3 (September 2017):

  1. Introduction: “Despite or Due to the Cultural Revolution: The Development of Chinese Science, Technology, and Medicine in the 1960s and 1970s” by Danian Hu
  2. “Artemisinin and Chinese Medicine as Tu Science” by Jia-Chen Fu
  3. “Barefoot Doctors and the ‘Health Care Revolution’ in Rural China: A Study Centered on Shandong Province” by Sanchun Xu and Danian Hu
  4. “Hua Loo-Keng’s Popularization of Mathematics and the Cultural Revolution” by Jiří Hudeček
  5. “Yuan Longping, Hybrid Rice, and the Meaning of Science in the Cultural Revolution and Beyond” by Sigrid Schmalzer
  6. “Making Breakthroughs in the Turbulent Decade: China’s Space Technology during the Cultural Revolution” by Chengzhi Li, Dehui Zhang, and Danian Hu
  7.  “Manufacturing in the Eye of the Storm: Shen Hong and the Nine Great Installations Project during China’s Cultural Revolution” by Lie Sun and Danian Hu