Sky & Telescope Prints Review of Setting Aside All Authority

NOTRE DAME, IN, August 24, 2015—The October 2015 issue of Sky  & Telescope contains a strong review of Setting Aside All Authority: Giovanni Battista Riccioli and the Science against Copernicus in the Age of Galileo by Christopher M. Graney. The reviewer S. N. Johnson-Roehr says, “The arguments of both Riccioli and Graney are complicated and subtle. Even so, I had little difficulty following them, thanks to Graney’s lucid prose and clear diagrams.” Johnson-Roehr goes on to claim that “Graney’s re-reading of the New Almagest is absolutely convincing, and Setting Aside All Authority is sure to become the standard text on the ‘science vs. science’ debate between Riccioli and the supporters of heliocentrism.”

Early readers of Setting Aside All Authority have noted that the book makes an important contribution to the history of science and the history of astronomy. Owen Gingerich, author of God’s Planet, says that for students of the Copernican revolution, “here is an unexpected contribution that will force the experts to revise their lecture notes. Christopher Graney (with translation assistance from Christina Graney) has almost single-handedly revised the traditional story about Jesuit Giambattista Riccioli’s list of pro and con arguments for the heliocentric cosmology. Big surprise: in 1651 the geocentric cosmology had science on its side.”

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