SHOT: CfP and Da Vinci Medal

A message from the Society for the History of Technology:


Dear SHOT Members and Contacts,
This is a friendly reminder: please submit your paper or panel proposals for the 2021 SHOT Conference in New Orleans. Because HSS experienced some problems with their submission site, SHOT and HSS have extended the submission deadline to April 25th.
We are gratified by the astonishing number of nominations for the SHOT Awards. Although the deadline for most of the Awards nominations is past, the nomination process is still open for the Da Vinci Medal and Dibner Award. Please consider putting forward the name of a deserving scholar or museum exhibit.
More information concerning the Da Vinci Medal and the Dibner Award is available at the end of this newsletter.
The main venue for the meeting will be the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, 500 Canal Street.
All relevant information can be found here and in this newsletter. On the website you will also find links to the (new) online submission forms.
Participation in the SHOT meeting in any form requires SHOT membership and registration for the SHOT meeting. We kindly ask you to consider renewing your membership online instead of during registration. You can join SHOT here..
Call for Papers and Sessions, SHOT Annual Meeting,
19-21 November 2021, New Orleans, USA
The SHOT Program Committee is pleased to issue the Call for Papers and Sessions for the SHOT 2021 Annual Meeting to be held 18-21 November 2021, in New Orleans. This will be a joint meeting with the History of Science Society . The current plan is for the conference to be held in-person in New Orleans, but with support for a limited number of Hybrid Sessions (live, online streaming) and an option for Remote Presentations in light of COVID-19 as well as SHOT’s effort to expand access and promote further internationalization
Conference Theme: Environment, Infrastructure, and Social Justice
We invite SHOT participants to reflect on the themes from a historical as well as a contemporary perspective, and with respect to a variety of socio-cultural environments. Among the aspects which deserve discussion are how infrastructure modifies human and natural environments; how risk assessment influences infrastructure planning; how different societies approach infrastructure vis-à-vis other forms of technological development; and how climate change brings about reassessments of infrastructural needs.
An important note for all applicants (including resubmittals of accepted session proposals in 2020): If health/safety conditions force the cancellation of the 2021 meeting, SHOT has committed to holding the meeting entirely in virtual format. Your commitment to presenting in New Orleans in 2021 should also be viewed as a commitment to present that same material at a virtual version of the conference, in the event that the 2021 physical meeting is cancelled. If the conference moves online, session lengths will be shortened from 90 to 60 minutes.
Note for applicants who have been invited by the SHOT Internationalization Committee: Please be sure to indicate on the application form that your session has been sponsored by the SHOT Internationalization Committee.
For the 2021 meeting the Program Committee welcomes proposals of these types
  • Joint SHOT/HSS sessions
  • Traditional sessions
  • Unconventional sessions
  • Open sessions
  • Individual papers
NOTE: Only the options are listed here, full details are in the CfP and on the SHOT website
General Guidelines for Submission
SHOT allows the same speaker to present papers at consecutive meetings but turns down papers that are substantially the same as previously accepted ones. Any submission on the same topic should explain how the new paper differs from the prior presentation.
Most pre-organized sessions, if accepted, will remain as proposed. In select cases, depending on the quality and coherence of the individual papers, part of a proposed session may be turned down, merged into another organized session, or combined with individual papers to form a new session. If you believe that your session can only work as one single unit, please specify “all or none” in the abstract. In this case, the Program Committee may reject the whole session proposal despite the presence of qualified individual papers.
Individuals are permitted to take on multiple roles at SHOT, as well as additional roles at HSS. However, no individual is to give more than one titled paper or commentary for both societies. Additional presentations in SIGs, participation in roundtables, poster sessions, and other activities for which no title is listed in the SHOT meeting program are allowed; however, a paper at a graduate student workshop does count as a paper for this purpose. The SHOT Program Committee ensures there are no schedule conflicts between an individual’s various roles on the SHOT program. However, SHOT and HSS cannot resolve conflicts between papers / commentaries and other roles across societies. In cases when an individual’s presentation or commentary would conflict with additional roles on the other society’s program, the individual will be asked to forgo the additional role.
Each session proposal should be accompanied by an abstract that details: 1) the session’s overall theme; 2) each individual presenter’s contribution; 3) the role of a commentator (if any); 4) diversity statement (see above); 5) whether a given proposal desires “all or none”; 6) hybrid session requests and remote participation and/or presenter preferences, with explanation, if applicable; and 7) whether any of the presenters are candidates for SHOT’s Robinson Prize.
Individual paper proposals should indicate whether the presenter is a Robinson Prize candidate, and provide their remote participation preferences, with explanation, if applicable.
Specific instructions related to submission details appear on the SHOT webpage ( For joint SHOT/HSS session proposals, please submit proposals to both SHOT and HSS. For details about HSS proposal submission, please visit the HSS webpage (
We regret that the 2020 SHOT Annual Meeting could not take place in person as was planned. If your paper or session or roundtable was accepted in spring 2020 for the original fall 2020 meeting and was not part of the Virtual Forum held in October 2020, then you have the following options.
How to Resubmit Organized Sessions and Roundtables
NOTE: Only the options are listed here, full details are in the CfP and on the SHOT website
All organized sessions as published in our 2020 NOLA program will be given three options to present in 2021. If you re-submit a joint SHOT-HSS session or roundtable proposal, please also consult HSS’s guidelines, as you will have to re-submit your proposal to both societies.
Option S1: Roll over your unchanged session proposal
Option S2: Re-submit your proposal with changes
Option S3: Submit a new session proposal
How to Resubmit Your Contributed Paper
Option P1: Re-submit your paper as part of the session as created for the 2020 program
Option P2: Find collaborators to form a new organized session
Option P3: Re-submit your paper as a stand-alone contribution
Nominations still possible
Da Vinci Medal
The Leonardo da Vinci Medal is the society’s highest honor, presented to an individual who has greatly contributed to the history of technology through research, teaching, publications, service to the Society, and other activities.
SHOT invites members to nominate candidates for the Leonardo da Vinci Medal. To put forward a person’s name for consideration for the award, please upload a letter of nomination, describing the person’s outstanding contributions to the history of technology, to SHOT’s online submission system.
Please note that there is no standard format for a letter of nomination. Current members of SHOT’s Executive Council cannot be considered as a Da Vinci medalist.
The nominations will be reviewed by the Da Vinci Medal Committee. This committee comprises all SHOT prize committee chairs. It is chaired by the immediate SHOT past-President for two consecutive years.
Extended deadline for nominations is 25 April2021.
Dibner Award for Excellence in Museum Exhibits
Recognizing museums and exhibits that interpret the history of technology, industry, and engineering to the general public. The award consists of a plaque and up to $1,000 to cover expenses for a member of the design team to accept the award at the SHOT Annual Meeting.
Deadline for nominations is 30 April 2021.