September HPS&ST Note Available

The September HPS&ST Note is now on the web at:

This issue includes the following:

  • Introduction
  • Interdivisional Teaching Commission (IDTC), Summer School, Lille, October 2017
  • Interdivisional Teaching Commission (IDTC), Innovative Teaching Sessions Presenters’ Files Available
  • RISE Special Issue: Epistemic Insight – teaching and learning about the nature of science in real world and multidisciplinary arenas
  • Centre for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh, Spring Programme
  • Gratis MOOC Course: ‘Humphry Davy: Laughing gas, literature and the lamp
  • Neu Whitrow-Prize of the Commission on Bibliography and Documentation
  • Science Teaching: The Contribution of HPS, Chinese, Turkish & Spanish Translations
  • Opinion Page
  • Recent HPS&ST Research Articles
  • Recent HPS&ST Related Books
  • Coming HPS&ST Related Conferences

This HPS&ST monthly Note is sent to about 7,500 individuals who directly or indirectly have an interest in the connections of history and philosophy of science with theoretical, curricular and pedagogical issues in science teaching, and/or interests in the promotion of more engaging and effective teaching of the history and philosophy of science.  The note is also sent to different HPS lists and to science education lists.  It is an information list, not a discussion list.

The note seeks to serve the diverse international community of HPS&ST scholars and teachers by disseminating information about events and publications that connect to HPS&ST concerns.


Contributions to the note (publications, thematic issues, conferences, Opinion Page, etc.) are welcome and should be sent direct to the editor:  Michael R. Matthews, UNSW, .