September HPS&ST Newsletter

The September HPS&ST Newsletter is on the web here.

The monthly newsletter has a new look, new format and now an ISSN number. The title reverts to its earlier 20-year-history ‘HPS&ST Newsletter’ from ‘HPS&ST Note’ which, for different reasons, has been used in the past few years. Its focus remains HPS&ST news, information, activities and publications, but the packaging is now  more professional and the contents more linked and usable.

A third assistant editor is required in order to assist the sterling work of assistant editors Nathan Oseroff-Spicer (Opinion Page and Formatting) and Paulo Mauríco (Publications and Website).  Outreach and Publicity would be the main focus of work, but contribution to the whole range of Newsletter content, production and dissemination would be expected. Enquiries to the editor (


  • Introduction
  • Mario Bunge, 100th Birthday
  • 16th DLMPST Congress, Prague, August 5-10, Report
  • AAPT 2019 Millikan Medal Awarded to Tom Greenslade
  • 8th Integrated History and Philosophy of Science Conference (&HPS8), Virginia Tech, Blacksburgh VA, July 15-17, 2020
  • Science, Religion and Big Questions Conference, 22-23 June 2020, University of Oxford
  • Turning the Mirror: From scientific pluralism to pluralism in HPS, 8-9 January 2020, University of Exeter, UK
  • Center for Philosophy of Science, University of PittsburghStudy History of Quantum Mechanics in Copenhagen
  • Journal Thematic Issue: What are the Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Foundations of STEM Education?
  • European Philosophy of Science Association Conference and Gratis Journal Article Downloads
  • Opinion Page. Feng Shui: Philosophical Appraisal and Educational Opportunity, Michael R. Matthews
  • Recent HPS&ST Research Articles
  • Coming HPS&ST Related Conferences
  • HPS&ST Related Organisations and Websites

This HPS&ST monthly Newsletter is sent to about 8,000 individuals who directly or indirectly have an interest in the connections of history and philosophy of science with theoretical, curricular and pedagogical issues in science teaching, and/or interests in the promotion of more engaging and effective teaching of the history and philosophy of science.

The note is also sent to different HPS lists and to science education lists.  It is an information list, not a discussion list.

The note seeks to serve the diverse international community of HPS&ST scholars and teachers by disseminating information about events and publications that connect to HPS&ST concerns.

Contributions to the note (publications, thematic issues, conferences, Opinion Page, etc.) are welcome and should be sent direct to the editor:

Michael R. Matthews, UNSW,

If you have friends, colleagues or students who would like to subscribe to the list, tell them to send a message to: There is no need for subject header or any message; the email itself suffices for addition to the hpsst-list.

Michael Matthews