SciPep: Communicating the Future: Engaging the Public in Basic Science Submission Guidelines

The US Department of Energy and The Kavli Foundation are hosting a conference in late July about how best to connect the broader public with basic science.  Developed under a unique MOU for strengthening basic science communication between the federal agency and the philanthropy, we’re seeking your activities and programs for public engagement in discovery science to highlight during the conference, “Communicating the Future: Engaging the Public with Basic Science.”  The deadline for the short abstracts is April 5; join us July 27-28 for the virtual conference.  Info on both is at

We’re very much hoping this conference will help us answer why communicating about basic science to broader publics is important (and how it might differ from communication about contested science, applied science, technnology development, and STEM education); what it is we want or need to communicate about basic science (and what the best practices might be that already are in effect in our community), and where this conversation and the issues it raises can and should continue (and with what resources).  The remit for the DOE/Kavli partnership (the Science Public Engagement Partnership, SciPEP) is a multi-year project; help us develop and build this project by contributing your experiences and expertise to the conference that is likely to set our agenda!