Representatives for the Society for Social Studies of Science

Interested in being a student representative to the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Council? Apply now!

The Student Section of the Society for Social Studies of Science (6S) is now accepting (self-)nominations for a new representative. The tentative deadline for nominations is May 1, 2020. Please submit nominations. For full consideration, please submit a CV, a statement of interest (not to exceed 300 words), and the name and contact information of one professional reference. (***A previous email sent out to student 4S members erroneously said to apply by emailing materials to the current reps; please use the above form instead.)

Applications will be reviewed by current 6S representatives and one member of the 4S Council, and up to three students will be asked to stand for election by all student members of 4S. Election of the new 6S Representative will occur in conjunction with the 4S Council elections, which will likely occur in late Spring or Summer 2020.


Job Description of a 6S Representative:

Elected representatives lead the student section of 4S (6S) and represent students on the 4S Council. They are elected in the spring/summer, for a term that lasts approximately 3 years. While they are not expected to attend the 4S meeting during the year in which they were elected, they are expected to attend the meeting (including the 4S Council meeting) during the three subsequent years of their term.
 6S Representatives must demonstrate characteristics of leadership, management, and organizational skills, interest and enthusiasm in serving as 6S representative, and maintain good academic standing in their graduate program.


Responsibilities for the Annual Meeting:

In addition to representing 6S at the 4S Council meeting, 6S Representatives will plan at least three events at each 4S meeting (a 6S business meeting, a workshop on issues of interest to students such as research interests, publishing or surviving job interviews, and an evening social event). They are also expected to attend and participate in the 4S Council meeting and 4S Business Meeting, representing student needs and concerns as appropriate. They should also work with the mentorship program coordinator and student volunteers coordinator as needed. They must produce a yearly written report to the 4S Council on 6S activities (in advance of the 4S Council meeting). Finally, they may help to organize accommodation or ride sharing to lessen the costs of attending the 4S annual meeting.

As 4S is an international organization, we strongly encourage students based all around the globe to apply! If you have any questions about the position of 6S representative or about the application process in general please do not hesitate to contact current student representatives Angela Okune (, Katie Ulrich (, or Aadita Chaudhury (


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