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In 2017, The New York Academy of Medicine Library created and launched the Library Digital Collection and Exhibits website with a selection of rare books and manuscripts, and the William H. Helfand Collection of Pharmaceutical Trade Cards. Since the launch, additional collections and an exhibit have been added to the website.

We are interested in understanding your use of the website, how you find information, and what improvements can enhance your experience of the collections. Please take few minutes to send us your feedback on your experience.  Participants should be 18 years or older.

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East Asian Science, Technology and Society: An International Journal 

Volume 13 Number 3 September 2019

Editor’s Note
Wen-Hua Kuo

Welcome to Our Editorial Board Members
Wen-Hua Kuo

Less Reproduction, More Production: Birth Control in the Early People’s Republic of China, 1949–1958
Sarah Mellors

From Sonic Models to Sonic Hooligans: Magnetic Tape and the Unraveling of the Mao-Era Sound Regime, 1958–1983
Chuan Xu 

Layer upon Layer: Mao-Era History and the Construction of China’s Agricultural Heritage
Sigrid Schmalzer

Commentary: New Directions in the Study of PRC-Era Science
Arunabh Ghosh

Practice and the History of Science in the PRC: A Historiographic Reflection
Jia-Chen Fu

Informal Histories of STS in East Asia
“Dear Pinchy . . . ” Remarks on Trevor Pinch’s Bernal Prize
Chia-Ling Wu


Wade Shepard, Ghost Cities of China: The Story of Cities without People in the World’s Most Populated Country
Shih-Yang Kao

Tao Xu 徐涛, Zisingche yu jindai Zhongguo 自行车与近代中国 [Bicycles and Modern China]
Valentina Fava, The Socialist People’s Car: Automobiles, Shortages, and Consent in the Czechoslovak Road to Mass Production
Zhihui Zhang

Takehiko Hashimoto, ed. 橋本毅彥編, Anzen kijun wa dono yo¯ ni deki te ki ta ka 安全基準はどのようにできてきたか [How Have Safety Standards Been Constructed?]
Atsuo Kishimoto

Recent Doctoral Dissertations

Attached below are the latest batch of recent doctoral dissertations harvested from the issues 78-12 A and B of Dissertation Abstracts related to your subject area.

You may find some duplicate citations-the ProQuest database is including over 30% duplicate titles, sometimes in multiple months.

ISISdiss78-12-4444-ONLY (1)



Videos of presentations from ‘Narrative Science in Techno-Environments’ workshop now available

It is a great pleasure to share that videos of the presentations given at the ‘Narrative Science in Techno-Environments’ workshop are now available online via the Narrative Science project website.

This workshop was made possible thanks to the generous support of a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award (grant number BARSEA19\190021). It expanded on the work of the Narrative Science project, a European Research Council funded project based at the London School of Economics (grant agreement No. 694732). It was organised in collaboration with both the British Society for the History of Science and the British Society for Literature and Science.

The scholarly network which this workshop established can be found here.

A list of the videos now available is provided below.

Many thanks, and happy viewing!
Dominic Berry

Videos available, listed in the order they were originally presented

Dominic Berry
Introduction: Narrative science in techno-environments

Ina Linge
Narrating Human-animal Sexual Nature around 1920: Richard Goldschmidt, Magnus Hirschfeld and Hanns Heinz Ewers

Amelie Bonney
Toxic Colours

Louise Coueffe
Botanical Space

Greg Lynall
Reading renewables: Stories of solar power

John Lidwell-Durnin
“Have they remained what they were in Europe?”: narrative, organisms, and environment in explorations of South America

Harriet Ritvo
The Stakes of Species

Saliha Bayir
Microbial Ecology

Ágota Ábrán
Roadside Weeds

João P. R. Joaquim
Cold War Agriculture Museums

Ellie Armstrong

Aadita Chaudhury
Chasing Fires

Mauricio Nicolas Vergara
Avalanches War

Charlotte Sleigh
Sugar in the air: carbon narratives, futures and endings

Animesh Chatterjee
Urban, political and cultural environments in late-19th century Bengali anticolonial representations of electricity

Lachlan Fleetwood
Global Mountains

sam smiley
Ornamentalism: The Migrations and Translations of Japanese Knotweed

Jon Agar
“British Nature was Lost Here, 1964-71”: what’s at stake when scientists, nature writers and bureaucrats tell stories

Anahita Rouyan
Producing Mutations: Scientific Plant Breeding and Narratives of Nature in the Progressive-Era United States, 1900-1914

Alex Hall
Who speaks for the flood? Exploring agency, expectations and the supernatural in extreme weather events

New interdisciplinary network – The Biological Engineering Collaboratory

We are pleased to share news of a new interdisciplinary network for historians, philosophers, and social scientists working at intersections of biology and engineering. You can learn more about the Biological Engineering Collaboratory from our website:

There you will find our members, an introduction, and a welcome blog post with necessary contact information.

Please circulate this message to any interested parties, and do not hesitate to get in touch, particularly with relevant news, events, or publications that we could feature.

Janella Baxter, Rob Smith, and Dominic Berry

September HPS&ST Newsletter

The September HPS&ST Newsletter is on the web here.

The monthly newsletter has a new look, new format and now an ISSN number. The title reverts to its earlier 20-year-history ‘HPS&ST Newsletter’ from ‘HPS&ST Note’ which, for different reasons, has been used in the past few years. Its focus remains HPS&ST news, information, activities and publications, but the packaging is now  more professional and the contents more linked and usable.

A third assistant editor is required in order to assist the sterling work of assistant editors Nathan Oseroff-Spicer (Opinion Page and Formatting) and Paulo Mauríco (Publications and Website).  Outreach and Publicity would be the main focus of work, but contribution to the whole range of Newsletter content, production and dissemination would be expected. Enquiries to the editor (


  • Introduction
  • Mario Bunge, 100th Birthday
  • 16th DLMPST Congress, Prague, August 5-10, Report
  • AAPT 2019 Millikan Medal Awarded to Tom Greenslade
  • 8th Integrated History and Philosophy of Science Conference (&HPS8), Virginia Tech, Blacksburgh VA, July 15-17, 2020
  • Science, Religion and Big Questions Conference, 22-23 June 2020, University of Oxford
  • Turning the Mirror: From scientific pluralism to pluralism in HPS, 8-9 January 2020, University of Exeter, UK
  • Center for Philosophy of Science, University of PittsburghStudy History of Quantum Mechanics in Copenhagen
  • Journal Thematic Issue: What are the Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Foundations of STEM Education?
  • European Philosophy of Science Association Conference and Gratis Journal Article Downloads
  • Opinion Page. Feng Shui: Philosophical Appraisal and Educational Opportunity, Michael R. Matthews
  • Recent HPS&ST Research Articles
  • Coming HPS&ST Related Conferences
  • HPS&ST Related Organisations and Websites

This HPS&ST monthly Newsletter is sent to about 8,000 individuals who directly or indirectly have an interest in the connections of history and philosophy of science with theoretical, curricular and pedagogical issues in science teaching, and/or interests in the promotion of more engaging and effective teaching of the history and philosophy of science.

The note is also sent to different HPS lists and to science education lists.  It is an information list, not a discussion list.

The note seeks to serve the diverse international community of HPS&ST scholars and teachers by disseminating information about events and publications that connect to HPS&ST concerns.

Contributions to the note (publications, thematic issues, conferences, Opinion Page, etc.) are welcome and should be sent direct to the editor:

Michael R. Matthews, UNSW,

If you have friends, colleagues or students who would like to subscribe to the list, tell them to send a message to: There is no need for subject header or any message; the email itself suffices for addition to the hpsst-list.

Michael Matthews

Inaugural Graduate Student Essay Award Winner Announcement

The Forum for the History of Health, Medicine and the Life Sciences is proud to announce the winner of the inaugural Graduate Student Essay Prize is:
Hannah LeBlanc (Cornell University), “Are we well fed?’: The politics of knowledge and nutrition in 1960s America”.

Honourable Mention: Gina Suritra (Princeton University), “From ‘Female Sex Hormone’ to ‘Breast Cancer Hormone’ to ‘Growth Hormone’: Estrogen and the Remaking of Breast Cancer, 1940-1990”.

The call for submissions for the 2020 essay prize will be posted in the coming winter.

CFP: Rhetoric of Health and Medicine Special Issue: Food as Medicine

As an Assistant Editor for the journal Rhetoric of Health and Medicine (RHM), I’m pleased to share our CFP for an upcoming special issue on “Food as Medicine.” This special issue will be co-edited by Cristina Hanganu-Bresch, of University of the Sciences, in consultation with RHM co-editors. 500-1000 word proposals (excluding citations) should be submitted to by October 15, 2019. Cristina is very willing to answer email queries, and her email address is Please submit and feel free to share widely.

The full CFP can be found here.

Call for Submissions, Journal of the Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science

The Journal of the Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science (JSAHMS) is accepting submissions for the spring 2020 issue.

JSAHMS accepts submissions year round; however, the deadline for consideration to be published in the spring 2020 issue is September 30, 2019.

JSAHMS is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Southern Association for the History of Medicine and Science, with support from Troy University. We accept original articles on all aspects of the history of medicine and science. For more information on making a submission and author guidelines, please visit the website or contact Karen Ross, editor, at

JSAHMS (ISSN 2639-6661)