News of the Consortium: May 2018

 2018-2019 Incoming Fellows

NEH Postdoctoral Fellow

Ashley Inglehart, Indiana University
Seminal Ideas: The Forces of Generation for Robert Boyle and his Contemporaries

Dissertation Fellows

Ekaterina Babintseva, University of Pennsylvania
Computer-Based Education in the Cold War United States and Soviet Union: Cyberdreams of the Information Age

Ayah B. Nuriddin, Johns Hopkins University
Liberation Eugenics: African Americans and the Science of Black Freedom Struggles, 1890-1970

Research Fellows

Elaine Ayers, Princeton University
Strange Beauty: Botanical Collection, Preservation, and Display in the 19th Century Tropics

Edward Barnet, Stanford University
Homo Musicus: The Early Modern Musical Science of the Human Being

Scottie Hale Buehler, University of California at Los Angeles
Being and Becoming a Midwife in 18th century France: Pedagogical Practices and Objects

Jessica M. Dandona, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
The Transparent Woman: Medical Visualities in Fin-de-Siècle Europe and the United States, 1890–1914

Alexandra Fair, Miami University (Ohio)
Eugenic Expectations :How the Medical Economy Changed and Sustained Eugenic Ideology in Post-WWII America

Jordan Katz, Columbia University
Jewish Midwives, Medicine and the Boundaries of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe, 1650-1800

Andrew Lea, University of Oxford
Computerizing Diagnosis: Minds, Medicine, and Machines in Twentieth-Century America

Paul Mitchell, University of Pennsylvania
Human Remainders: the Lost Century of the Samuel George Morton Collection

Sarah Naramore, University of Notre Dame
I Sing the Body Republic: How Benjamin Rush Created American Medicine

Paloma Rodrigo Gonzales, City University of New York
Elusive Evidence, Enduring Fluidity: Historical Trajectories of the “Mongolian Spot”as a Marker of Race

Alana Staiti, Cornell University
Model Bodies: The Art, Science, and Craft of Human Modeling for 3-D Computer Graphics and Animation, 1960-1995

Sean Smith, Rice University
Abolition and the Making of Scientific Racism in the Anglo-Atlantic

Laurel Waycott, Yale University
Patterns of Creation: Organic Form in the Science of Life, 1880-193