New issue of HoST — Journal of History of Science and Technology (13.2, December 2019) online

HoST — Journal of History of Science and Technology is a peer-reviewed open access journal, available online, published in English by De Gruyter/Sciendo, as a result of a partnership between four Portuguese research units (CIUHCT, CIDEHUS, Institute for Social Sciences, and Institute of Contemporary History).


  • Special issue “Animals, Science and Technology: multispecies histories of scientific and sociotechnical knowledge-practices”, with an introduction by the Guest Editor Richie Nimmo to the five articles that it contains. They are case studies dealing with nonhuman animals and their relationships with science and technology and humans, with approaches ranging from history (HSTM) to sociology (animal studies and STS). The special issue ends with a postscript:

o   “Introduction: Taking animals seriously in studies of science and technology“, Richie Nimmo

o   “Elemental problems, methodical solutions: expertise, ecology and entertainment in the study of marine mammals“, Amanda Rees

o   “The Silver Spring monkey controversy: changing cultures of care in twentieth-century laboratory animal research“, Robert G. W. Kirk

o   “Measuring ephemera: finding the “qualitative” in Qualitative Behaviour Assessment as a “whole-animal” science of animal welfare“, Maisie Tomlinson

o   “The Social Evolving: Sociogenomics on the Wings of Social Insects“, Sainath Suryanarayanan

o   “Biopolitics and Becoming in Animal-Technology Assemblages“, Richie Nimmo

o   “Postscript. Fur, feather, teeth and skin: How do technologies and ontologies meet in time and space?“, Lindsay Hamilton

o   “Book Review: Audra Wolfe. Freedom’s Laboratory: The Cold War Struggle for the Soul of Science“, Clara Florensa

o   “Book Review: Álvaro Girón, Oliver Hochadel, and Gustavo Vallejo (eds.). Saberes transatlánticos. Barcelona y Buenos Aires: conexiones, confluencias, comparaciones (1850–1940)“, Antonio Carbone

o   “Book Review: Hugh Cagle. Assembling the Tropics: Science and Medicine in Portugal’s Empire, 1450–1700“, Luís Tirapicos