New issue of HoST — Journal of History of Science and Technology (13.1, June 2019) online

HoST — Journal of History of Science and Technology is a peer-reviewed open access journal, available online, published in English by De Gruyter/Sciendo, as a result of a partnership between four Portuguese research units (CIUHCT, CIDEHUS, Institute for Social Sciences, and Institute of Contemporary History).


Special issue “Before the Silent Spring: Pesticides in Twentieth-Century Europe”, with an introduction by the Guest Editor José Ramón Bertomeu-Sánchez, which presents a critical literature review framing the new perspectives brought by its four(*) research articles, namely by approaching chronologies (first half of the twentieth century), pesticides (before DDT) and geographies (Spain and Norway) that, in general, are not part of dominant narratives.

Introduction. Pesticides: Past and Present“, José Ramón Bertomeu-Sánchez
Influencing for results: Bees, Beekeepers and Norwegian Pesticide Legislation“, Anne Jorunn Frøyen
Following Hydrogen Cyanide in the Valencian Country (1907-1933): Risk, Accidents and Standards in Fumigation“, Ximo Guillem-Llobat
Arsenical Pesticides in Early Francoist Spain: Fascism, Autarky, Agricultural Engineers and the Invisibility of Toxic Risks“, José Ramón Bertomeu-Sánchez
(*) for unforeseen reasons, the fourth article of this special issue, by May-Brith Ohman Nielsen, will only be published in the next HoST issue: HoST 13.2 (December 2019)

An extended abstract of the Distinguished Lecture (CIUHCT) by Thomas J. Misa, about the new techno-cultural digital “era”, using the lenses of the history of technology to critically discuss the technological determinism present in some narratives on the Moore’s law, “Dominance of the Digital (1990–2016)

A “work in progress” by the PhD candidate Inês N. Navalhas about her on going work “Communicating Science and Technology. Gradiva’s Books of Popularization of Science and Technology and the Portuguese Public

Three book reviews:
Fascist Pigs: Technoscientific Organisms and the History of Fascism“, Jonathan Harwood
La colonisation du savoir. Une histoire de plantes médicinales du “Nouveau Monde” (1492–1750)“, Laia Portet-Codina
Pain, Pleasure, and the Greater Good. From the Panopticon to the Skinner Box and Beyond“, Javier Moscoso