New issue, HoST — Journal of History of Science and Technology (15.1, June 2021)

HoST — Journal of History of Science and Technology is a peer-reviewed open access journal, published online in English by De Gruyter/Sciendo and results of a partnership between four Portuguese research units (CIUHCT, CIDEHUS, ICS e IHC).

Special issue “Global Flora: Mastering Exotic Plants (Eighteenth—Nineteenth Centuries)”
This special issue includes an introduction by the guest editors Lorelai Kury and Sara Albuquerque followed by three articles that contribute to an analysis of plant circulation from the viewpoint of the science and techniques that sought to use or examine exotic species, particularly within the European circuit.
• “Introduction: Global Flora: Mastering Exotic Plants (Eighteenth—Nineteenth Centuries)”, Lorelai Kury and Sara Albuquerque
• “Knowledge and Circulation of Plants: Unveiling the Participation of Amazonian Indigenous Peoples in the Construction of Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Botany,” Nelson Sanjad, Ermelinda Pataca, and Rafael Santos
• “Global Affinities: The Natural Method and Anomalous Plants in the Nineteenth Century,” Lorelai Kury and Sara Albuquerque
• “The National Sericultural Utopia and Debates on the Acclimatization of Plants in New-born Belgium (1830-1865),” Denis Diagre-Vanderpelen

Additional article to the special issue published in HoST 14.2 “The Fabulous 1930s in the History of Science and Technology”
• “The 1931 London Congress: The Rise of British Marxism and the Interdependencies of Society, Nature and Technology,” Gerardo Ienna and Giulia Rispoli

An article in the newly created Varia section
• “The Social Construction of the “Non-professional Computer Users”: the “Center for the Popularization of Informatics” in Catalonia, Spain (1980s-1990s),” Ignasi Meda-Calvet

In this number you can also find three Book Reviews
• “Book Review: Michael Rossi. The Republic of Color: Science, Perception, and the Making of Modern America,” Clemens Finkelstein
• “Book Review: Hartmut Petzold. Eine Berliner Waage im Münchner Deutschen Museum,” Agnes Bauer
• “Book Review: Seb Falk. The Light Ages: A Medieval Journey of Discovery,” Nicholas A. Jacobson