Looking for your suggestions for broadening the resource pages of SHOT to include texts on anti-racism, anticolonialism and diversity.

A volunteer group of SHOT (Society for the History of Technology) members is gathering ideas for a revised “Classic Works in the History of Technology” page on the society’s website. During this time of increased awareness of racism and white supremacy in historical scholarship, our group has gathered to address major gaps in the history of technology and related fields. The goal is to reorient notions of what counts as a “classic” to encompass texts that are anti-racist, anti-colonial, and inclusive in sentiment expressly.

We aim to create a list of sources across geographies, time periods, and sub-disciplines that will help graduate students in the history of technology prepare for doctoral exams. We are reaching out to solicit recommendations for this list. If you have suggestions for sources that you would recommend to a graduate student preparing for exams in your field, please fill out this form:

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfC3zvFbhx59RyHzxLFo4aq0CfaipQ-exOhzhji7bw7kXQFOQ/viewform, and limit the list to five sources. Primary source works, articles or other shorter pieces, and other media (films/documentaries, audio, etc) are also welcome in addition to monographs or collections in the field. Alternatively, you can e-mail your ideas to our group at shotbibliography@gmail.com.

Please enter your top five sources in the form by September 16. If the book or article title is not in English, please provide an English translation in square brackets after the non-English title.

We will compile a list of sources after receiving everyone’s suggestions. We aim to add this new page to the SHOT website around the time of the annual meeting. We are also considering adding future bibliographies on the SHOT website with the aim of making them more inclusive.

Thanks in advance for contributing and helping the next generation of scholars.


Donna J. Drucker, Technische Universität Darmstadt

Charnell Chasten Long, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Alana Staiti, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian

Bess Williamson, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Geoff Zylstra, New York City College of Technology

Anna Åberg, Chalmers University of Technology