Lecture Visible Embryos: A History of Human Development

The Innes Lecture is an annual event exploring important developments in the history of science. This year’s lecture is given online by Professor Nick Hopwood,  Visible Embryos: A History of Human Development

We are used to seeing images of human embryos and fetuses everywhere: in classrooms, clinics and on the news.

We share ultrasound scans and use images to learn about human origins. Though debates over evolution and abortion sometimes make these pictures controversial, we tend to take them for granted.

But 250 years ago human development was nowhere to be seen. How did we get here?

This year’s Innes Lecture explores the links between two challenges: producing images of hidden objects and controlling human reproduction.

This event will be held virtually on Thursday, April 22nd. Registration is free.

Full information and details of how to attend can be found here: