Launch of the Newberry Institute for Research and Education

This fall, the Newberry rebranded and refashioned its Division of Research and Academic Programs into the Newberry Institute for Research and Education, with three primary goals in mind. First, the Newberry Institute will nurture communities of scholars through its highly-competitive fellowship program, its focused research centers, and its rich offerings of seminars for scholars, graduate students, and undergraduates. Second, the Newberry Institute will foster public engagement with the humanities through public programs, adult seminars, and professional development programs for teachers. Finally, it will collaborate internally and externally to bring the work of scholars to life for the broader public.

The Newberry Institute has recently launched several initiatives. Our new Chicago Studies program replaces the Scholl Center for American History and Culture. Led by Liesl Olson, Chicago Studies is off to a strong start, producing a 2018 NEH Summer Institute on Art and Public Culture in Chicago and as well as public programming on the literary life of this city. Our wide-ranging Scholarly Seminars lineup has expanded this year to 16 separate seminars, with most involving works-in-progress by scholars from across the region. Finally, the new Department of Public Engagement, led by Karen Christianson, has strategically invested in public programming with the goal of reaching new audiences. Formats are more varied, attendance is up, and recordings are now available online.

The Newberry Institute for Research and Education includes the following programs, which work collaboratively to support the mission of the Newberry:

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