Latest Dissertation Abstracts

The latest batch of recent doctoral dissertations harvested from the issues 76-02 A and B of Dissertation Abstracts pertaining to aspects of the broad scope of the history of medicine and science are available at the following URL:

ProQuest has altered how they put out their individual issues.  No longer do they correlate to one month, so the dating is more random.  Thus titles will range from 2015-yes they have some 2015 dates-back into the1930’s.

There is another aspect to point out about this latest batch of dissertations that make it unique.  The University of Southern California downloaded the past 75+ years of its dissertations into the current issues-thus you will find titles dating back into the 1920”s.  While there are no abstracts for these earlier works you can pull up the full text of these dissertations. Other universities are beginning to download earlier titles so do not be surprised if some much earlier titles show up in your search.