IUHPST/Division of History of Science and Technology Dissertation Prize winners announced

DHST-Dissertation Prizes for 2019


Sandra Elena Guevara Flores, “The sociocultural construction of Cocoliztli in the epidemic of 1545 to 1548 in New Spain,” [La construcción sociocultural del cocoliztli en la epidemia de 1545 a 1548 en la Nueva España] (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2017. Director: Dr. José Pardo Tomás; Tutor: Dr. Jorge Molero Mesa).

Marcin Krasnodębski, “The Pine Institute and Resin Chemistry in Aquitaine (1900-1970),” [L’Institut du Pin et la Chimie des Résines en Aquitaine (1900-1970)] (University of Bordeaux, 16 November 2016. Director: Pascal Duris).

Emily Margaret Kern, “Out of Asia: a global history of the scientific search for the origins of humankind, 1800-1965,” (Princeton University, April 2018. Directors: Erika Lorraine Milam and Michael Gordin).

Honorable mentions:

Shira Dina Shmuely, “The bureaucracy of empathy: vivisection and the question of animal pain in Britain, 1876-1912,” (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 9 August 2017. Director: Harriet Ritvo).

Jonas van der Straeten, “Transmitting Development: Global Networks and Local Grids in the Electrification of East Africa, 1906-1970,” (Darmstadt University of Technology, 27 April 2017. Director: Mikael Hård).