Introducing Perspectives

We are happy to introduce Perspectives, a new library of podcasts, videos, and essays, along with resources for further learning and opportunities to engage in ongoing conversations. Accessible through the Consortium’s website, Perspectives provides discussions with leading scholars, interviews with recent authors, and archival highlights from renowned history of science collections.

Perspectives sheds historical light on contemporary issues. For example, the forum on the COVID-19 pandemic features a series of discussions by an international group of scholars exploring the history of epidemics and public health crises; the intersection of COVID-19 with issues of race, gender, and economic status; and the broader consequences of pandemics on society and culture.

Coming in mid-September, we will launch a series of posts in which historians and researchers discuss the history of race science, taking listeners through different aspects of how science, race, and racism have been intimately intertwined over the past three centuries.

Perspectives offers expanded conversations about history by providing ideas from multiple sources, approaches, and viewpoints. In our interviews, we invite authors of recent books to explain their research to a broad audience of researchers, scholars, teachers, and the general public. Similarly, the forthcoming section on archival collections looks at objects of widespread interest and fascination—e.g., our first two posts will be on sex education manuals and sundials—and goes in depth into why they matter today.

Perspectives supplements these audio and video resources with textual resources for further consideration. Forums include commentary essays from scholars, professionals, and other interested parties responding to the original content; and all posts include links to archival resources to facilitate further study and research.

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