ICHST Prize Announcements


We are very glad to announce here the final result of the Young Scholars’ Prize and of the IUHPST Essay Prize. We congratulate all candidates and wish them the best of luck in their future career!

Young Scholars’ Prize

Following a tradition established in the past editions of the International Congress of History of Science and Technology, the Division of History of Science and Technology (DHST) of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (ICHST) awards here the Fourth DHST Prize for Young Scholars. This prize aims at recognizing the five best doctoral dissertations in History of Science and Technology finished between June 2012 and August 2016. This year exceptionally six prizes will be awarded. The awarding ceremony will take place in a special session in the last day of the congress.

The winners of this edition of the Young Scholars’ Prize are:

– Mario Cams, Companions in Geography: Maps, Instruments and the Mapping of Qing China (c. 1685-1735), University of Leuven.
– Andrew Stuhl, Empires on Ice: Science, Nature, and the Making of the Modern Arctic, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
– Elena Serrano Jerez, Science for Women in the Spanish Enlightenment (1753-1808), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.
– Layne Karafantis, Under Control: Constructing the Nerve Centers of the Cold War, The Johns Hopkins University.
– Andreas Sommer, Crossing the Boundaries of Mind and Body: Psychical Research and the Origins of Modern Psychology, University College London.
– Amir-Mohammad Gamini, Quṭb al-Dīn Shīrāzī and his Role in the Science of Hay’a, Iranian Institute of Philosophy.

Five other doctoral dissertations were considered by their high quality and received honorable mentions:

– Maria Luísa de Castro Coelho de Oliveira e Sousa, Automobility in Portugal. The construction of the sociotechnical system, 1920-1950 [A mobilidade automóvel em Portugal], Universidade Nova de Lisboa & Université Sorbonne Nouvelle.
– Madalina Valeria Veres, Constructing Imperial Spaces: Habsburg Cartography in the Age of Enlightenment, University of Pittsburgh.
– Joeri Bruyninckx, Sound Science. Recording and Listening in Bird Song Biology, 1880-1980, Maastricht University.
– Iris Montero Sobrevilla, Transatlantic Hum: Natural History and the Itineraries of the Torpid Hummingbird, ca. 1521-1790, University of Cambridge.
– Michael Jeremy Barany, Distributions in Postwar Mathematics, Princeton University.

IUHPST Essay Prize

The International Union of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology announces the result of the First IUHPST Essay Prize in History and Philosophy of Science. This prize competition, planned to continue on a biennial basis, seeks to encourage fresh methodological thinking on the history and philosophy of science as an integrated discipline. This prize will be awarded during the activities of the Joint Commission at the 25th ICHST, especially at the Symposium 44, entitled “Integrated History and Philosophy of Science”.

The winner of this first edition of the IUHPST Essay Prize is Theodore Arabatzis, of the University of Athens, for his essay entitled What’s in it for the historian of science? Reflections on the value of philosophy of science for history of science.


The Commission on the History of Physics (CHP) of the DHST-IUHPS is pleased to offer some small grants-in-aid to defray travel expenses of some participants of the 25th ICHST. Early career scholars and PhD students presenting papers related to the history of physics at this congress are eligible to apply for this grant-in-aid. Applications should be sent by e-mail to historyofphysics.dhst@gmail.com including a short CV, and the title and the abstract of the talk to be delivered at the congress. Applications must be sent by May 20, 2017 and results will be announced on May 25, 2017. The CHP-DHST is offering grants-in-aid of up to $500 each one, amounting to $6,000 in total.