History of Anthropology Newsletter, Seeking Graduate Student Associate Editors

The History of Anthropology Newsletter is seeking several Associate Editors to join our editorial team and we invite applications from graduate students and other early career scholars in anthropology and the history of human sciences.

George Stocking founded HAN in 1973 and edited the Newsletter until 2004, when Henrika Kuklick took over until 2013. Over those forty years, the Newsletter had a significant impact on the emerging field of history of anthropology. Now, under a new editorial team based at the University of Pennsylvania, HAN has been relaunched. We’ve made all previous issues available in searchable format online, and we’ve redesigned its format and subsections to renew it as a site for interdisciplinary explorations of the history of the science of humanity.

The work of publishing HAN is shared by ten members of an editorial collective. We would now like to expand the team by adding new Associate Editors: graduate students and future academics who will learn the ropes by helping with the ongoing work of the journal. The work required is varied, and includes collaboration with both the editorial collective and our always-growing international list of contributors.

We are looking for people to help with its several sections, including News (recent and upcoming events and a Twitter feed), Reviews of recent books, Bibliographies of relevant publications, Field Notes (a section devoted to focused reflections and new essays engaging the history of anthropology), and Clio’s Fancy (a section for curiosities found in the archives). We are also looking for people to help with Website Administration and Development, to continue work on the website’s logic and features.

We are finding this to be an exciting and auspicious time for rethinking the scientific study of humanity across time and space, by examining anthropology’s many pasts and futures, and using tools of the digital age to spur new perspectives and connections. As an Associate Editor, you would be learning about these fields, gaining experience in editing and online publishing, while working with a diverse and committed group of graduate students and faculty. Since we’re still figuring out just what this project is about and where it might be heading, you’d also be helping shape its direction.

If you are interested in being part of this project, we’d love to hear from you. Please respond by sending a brief description of your work and your interest in working with HAN, any preferences about sections in which you would most like to work, and a short CV noting relevant experience or skills. We’d be happy to hear from you any time, but if you are interested and available now, please write to editors@histanthro.org by February 20th.

We’d also be grateful if you could pass this on to anyone you think might be interested. Finally, even if you are not interested in joining the editorial collective but would like to receive updates from HAN, please subscribe and join the conversation!