Historic Merger ~ CHF and LSF Combine Forces

The Life Sciences Foundation and the Chemical Heritage Foundation are merging to form a new entity: a single organization with headquarters in Philadelphia and a West Coast presence committed to capturing, preserving and sharing the history of science and its role in shaping society.

The boards of directors of both organizations have approved the merger and expect to close the transaction in November. The combined organization brings together the strengths of CHF, including an impressive headquarters, unique collections, and a strong track record of research and public programming, with the life-science focus of LSF, its outreach expertise, and deep-rooted connections to the biotechnology industry.

To learn more about the merger, please visit our webpage or view the official press release.

To learn more about the Chemical Heritage Foundation, please visit its website at chemheritage.org.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact LSF president and CEO, Heather Erickson, at herickson@biotechhistory.org or 415-798-2099.

Carl Feldbaum
Chair, Board of Directors
Life Sciences Foundation

Laurie Landau
Chair, Board Of Directors
Chemical Heritage Foundation