Full-tuition scholarships until May 1: International MA program “Usable Pasts”

Applied and Interdisciplinary History Higher School of Economics, St Petersburg, Russia

How to apply: http://spb.hse.ru/en/ma/apphist/howtohttps://spb.hse.ru/international/graduate

HSE St Petersburg, Department of History, invites international applicants to its two-year,

English-language MA program “Usable Pasts”: Applied and Interdisciplinary History.

It is the 1st international, 100% English-language taught History MA program in Russia. It already teaches international students from 12 countries, all continents.

Academic Head of the Program Julia Lajus, Associate Professor, Head of the Laboratory for Environmental and Technological History. Internationally well-known professors teach at the program: Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov (formerly prof. at Cambridge U.), Nathan Marcus (PhD from New York University), Alexander Semyonov (PhD from Central European U.), Marina Loskutova (PhD from Central European U.), Alexandra Bekasova (formerly European University at St. Petersburg), Tatiana Borisova (PhD from U. of Turku).

This is a program for you, if you are keen:

  • to understand how history speaks to the future
  • to get interdisciplinary training or to add historical training to your previous education
  • to build an academic career in new global, comparative, environmental, technological history, history of empire and nationalism, heritage and historical memory studies
  • to learn how to use historical knowledge in media, museums, tourism industry applying new methods in digital humanities and public history

The program offers strong research-led teaching that draws on the Department’s strength in global, comparative and transnational history, including studies of empires and nationalism, socialism, post-socialism and post-colonialism, environmental and economic history and anthropology, history of science and technology, and the anthropology of memory. Students benefit from interdisciplinary grounding in methods of historical research and textual criticism, cultural heritage and museum studies, anthropology, historical geography and geoinformation systems, digital humanities, oral history and visual methods.

We seek applicants with undergraduate degrees in all disciplines with strong commitment to study history. Send in your personal motivation statement and be prepared for admission interview. Eligible students will have good command of English as demonstrated by international certificates or entrance exam. Native English speakers and students who have completed a degree exclusively in English do not need to submit a proof of their language proficiency.

This program provides skills for further academic study, including PhD, as well as non-academic careers. It includes the possibility of internships in over fifty St. Petersburg museums and options for Russian language training.

International placement competition including possibilities for full-tuition scholarships runs to 1 May 2017.

Successful international applicants can apply for these scholarships after admittance to the program.

Contacts: Head of the Program Julia Lajus (jlajus@hse.ru)

Coordinator Dilorom Akhmedzhanova (dakhmedzhanova@hse.ru)
Details of course: http://spb.hse.ru/en/ma/apphist/about
Potential supervisors: http://spb.hse.ru/en/ma/apphist/programmefaculty
How to apply: http://spb.hse.ru/en/ma/apphist/howtohttps://spb.hse.ru/international/graduate