Facilitators and Scholars Needed for IN Humanities “Quantum Leap”

Indiana Humanities currently has two calls out for scholars to help with our Quantum Leap programs. Quantum Leap, broadly, explores the connections between the humanities and STEM fields. I’m interested in lots of kinds of expertise + a genuine desire to explore big ideas with ordinary Hoosiers through reading and conversation. I’m hoping you can help spread the word to your networks (and of course, if you see one you’re interested in for yourself, let’s talk!).

Scholar-Facilitators for Quantum Leap Field Trips

As part of Quantum Leap, we’re taking Hoosiers inside fascinating sites of scientific discovery and innovation to think, read and talk about how new frontiers of inquiry reshape our understanding of what it means to be human. During each QL Field Trip, a humanities scholar will co-lead a tour, pausing periodically to read aloud short humanities texts that help us consider the meaning of the research conducted at the site from a humanistic perspective. The tours will also be co-led by an expert from the site or facility—someone who can help us make connections between our readings and the science at play. We’ll conclude with a hearty discussion over food and drink, for an indelible, once-in-a-lifetime adult field trip.

Scholar-facilitators lead each field trip and facilitate conversation that ties together the themes and big ideas of Quantum Leap. The scholar-facilitator will also select the texts for his/her field trip destination. Some Field Trip destinations have already been set, others are in the works. Scholar earns $500 + travel plus all the non-financial benefits of taking part in this exploratory public humanities program! Read the full call for scholars, including how to apply, here (link PDF).

Experts for Frankenstein-themed speakers bureau

Next year, Indiana Humanities is sponsoring an ambitious statewide read of Mary Shelley’s classic novel, which turns 200 in 2018. We’re looking for scholars and experts in the humanities and sciences to take part in a Frankenstein-themed speakers bureau. Like any enduring work of fiction, Frankenstein has been studied by generations of scholars and continues to inspire conversation and creativity in the present. In our speakers bureau, we aim to offer talks that can help ordinary Hoosiers delve into the many layers of interpretation of the book, appreciate its extraordinary history and consider the specific ways it may provide reflection and insight in our increasingly technological and interconnected world. Each talk should be about 45 minutes plus time for questions and/or discussion with the audience. Talks can be delivered with or without additional media such as slides, images, film clips, etc. We welcome talks for adult, teen or youth audiences. Scholars will earn $400/talk + mileage. See the full call for scholars, including how to apply, here (link PDF).

Expertise comes in many forms, but typically we’re looking for people with advanced training in relevant humanities fields, or STEM fields as they relate to Frankenstein. We’re open to full-time and adjunct faculty as well as graduate students. All programs take place in Indiana, so Indiana-based scholars are preferred, but if you know folks around “the edges” (Cincinnati, Chicago, Louisville, etc.) who want to take part, I’m open to it.


Director of Programs and Community Engagement

Indiana Humanities