Below are the latest batch of recent doctoral dissertations harvested from the second half of issues 79-06 A and B of Dissertation Abstracts related to the history of science and medicine. There have been several major changes in my dissertation harvesting approach.

ProQuest has greatly expanded the amount of current and past dissertations now available through this research portal. In the past I would simply put in a given subject term and make my selection on this list of dissertation titles. As an example in the past I might find 50 titles under a specific subject term. Now Pro Quest allows me, and you, to greatly expand this number so that the 50 titles become circa 5,000 or more.  I then limit this larger number down by adding a date limitation-for this current list I am using 1/01/2020 to 09/30/2020, with a few exceptions when I include some earlier titles.  This brings the total of dissertation titles on one subject term down to 500-750-still too large for me to handle.  I am now forced to select a limited number of dissertation titles from this reduced list.  Thus this is only a very partial list of titles on this subject term.  If you want a much more complete title list on a given subject please email me and I will explain how this new searching technique works.

I am still very much getting used to this new expanded searching system.  I am sure you will find many duplications in this list.  Hopefully I will be able to correct this in future harvesting efforts.

I hope that some of the materials I am providing you will be of use to your journal/website/blog/patrons.  Feel free to share this material with your colleagues and students.

I expect to begin harvesting the of issues 79-07 A and B by early November, 2020 so I hope to send you the next dissertation list by the start of 2021.