CHSTM: Fellows’ News: Welcomes and Updates

Fellows’ News:
Welcomes and Updates
In addition to welcoming new Dissertation Fellows and Fellows-in-Residence, 2021-22 marks the first year the Consortium hosts three NEH Postdoctoral Fellows. While pursuing their research and writing, the fellows will take advantage of the Consortium’s expanded programming, including working groups, public events, and the fellows’ research seminar. They will be joined by two cohorts of Research Fellows, to be announced over the summer and fall.
Incoming Fellows
Colleen Anderson
NEH Postdoctoral Fellow
Socialist Healthcare in Germany
Nic John Ramos
NEH Postdoctoral Fellow
Policing Health: Making Race, Sexuality, and Poverty Productive in Global Los Angeles, 1965-1986
Matthew Wisnioski
NEH Postdoctoral Fellow
The Magic School Bus and the Reanimation of Science Education
Leah Samples
Dissertation Fellow
SEE: The State, Science, and Sightlessness in Progressive Era America and Beyond, 1910s-1950s
Madeline Williams
Dissertation Fellow
Challenging the Ableist State: Blind Organizing Through Technology and Welfare in the Era of the American Eugenics Movement, 1865-1940
Paul Forman
An Empirico-Critical Examination of “Vienna Indeterminism”
Katherine McLeod
How to Display a Hoatzin: Zoology, Empire, and Ecology
Patrick Walsh
Raised from the Living: Making Therapy from Biology, 1880s-1940s
Fellows Updates
Abe Gibson
2014-15 Postdoctoral Fellow
Abe Gibson has been appointed Assistant Professor at University of Texas, San Antonio.
Joseph Malherek
2015-16 NEH Postdoctoral Fellow
Joseph Malherek has a publication contract from Central European University Press for his manuscript, The Frankfurt School’s Other: Socialist Émigrés Who Made Capitalist Culture in America, 1918–1956.
Joseph Martin
2011-12 Dissertation Fellow
In 2020, Joe Martin published Between Making and Knowing: Tools in the History of Materials Research, co-edited with Cyrus Mody.  His article, “The Simple and Courageous Course: Industrial Patronage of Basic Research at the University of Chicago, 1945–1953,” appeared in the December issue of Isis. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.
Teasel Muir-Harmony
2013-14 Dissertation Fellow
Teasel Muir-Harmony published Operation Moonglow: A Political History of Project Apollo (Basic Books, 2020).
Ayah Nuriddin
2018-19 Dissertation Fellow
Ayah Nuriddin defended her dissertation at Johns Hopkins University and will join the Princeton Society of Fellows as Costen Postdoctoral Fellow this fall.
Kelly O’Donnell
2020-21 NEH Postdoctoral Fellow
Kelly O’Donnell has been appointed lecturer at Yale.
Alexander Parry
2020-21 Research Fellow
Alexander Parry received a Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant from the NSF for additional archival work at the New York Public Library and New York Historical Society on insurance markets and consumer product safety this fall. Alex also delivered an invited talk at the Center for Injury Research and Policy at the JHU School of Public Health this past March.
Lisa Ruth Rand
2018-19 Fellow in Residence
Lisa Ruth Rand has been appointed Assistant Professor of History at Caltech. Ruth also signed a contract with Harvard University Press for her book, Space Junk: A History of Waste in Orbit, and has received a six-month Guggenheim fellowship at the National Air and Space Museum.
Whitney Barlow Robles
2015-16 Research Fellow
Whitney Barlow Robles published “The Rattlesnake and the Hibernaculum: Animals, Ignorance, and Extinction in the Early American Underworld” in the January 2021 issue of the William and Mary Quarterly.
Justin Tackett
2019-20 Albert M. Greenfield Research Fellow
Justin Tackett is now a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the English Department at the University of Warwick. His article on Emily Dickinson and the telegraph, “‘I heard his silver Call’: Emily Dickinson and the Poetry of Telegraphic Acoustics,” published in the Review of English Studies (April 2020), won the Nineteenth-Century Studies Association Emerging Scholars Award in April 2021. His article on Paul Laurence Dunbar, “Fidelity and Paul Laurence Dunbar’s Voice(s),” (Victorian Review, 2020) was published last fall. His students in Stanford’s “Stories Everywhere” course won the Creative Project Award for their animatic last fall.
Matthew White
2011-12 Research Fellow
Matthew White recently took a position as Museum Liaison with Capitol Museum Services, an exhibition design and fabrication company in Manassas, VA. CMS creates interpretive exhibits covering history, science, anthropology, natural sciences, sports and children’s discovery for government, corporate and private museums. Recent museum installations include the Smithsonian, the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and the Library of Congress.
Sally Chengji Xing
2020-21 Research Fellow
Sally Chengji Xing gave a recent invited talk at Nankai University, Tianjin, about Paul Monroe and China. She gave a workshop presentation at Cornell University, about the China Foundation story from 1913 to 1949. She presented her work at Wuhan University in April, and will do so later at Shanghai Normal University. In June, she will present a paper based on her second chapter to the SHAFR annual conference.
Arnaud Zimmern
2020-21 Research Fellow
Arnaud Zimmern had his piece on Margaret Cavendish’s panaceas accepted without revision at a flagship journal in English literature, English Literary History. The piece is entitled, “Silkworms and Panaceas: Margaret Cavendish, Infinite Nature, and the Progress of Utopia.”  Arnaud also adapted his presentation on King James’ medical sovereignty for the Consortium, and it has been accepted for the International Health Humanities Conference. Arnaud is an alternate for the Wisconsin-Madison Solmsen Fellowship.