Chemists and Historians Speak at Pasteur Symposium in Boston, August 2018

Louis Pasteur’s 1848 work on the handedness of crystals and of molecules is the springboard for a day-long symposium organized by Joseph Gal and Gregory Girolami at the 256th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston, 19-23 2018, “Louis Pasteur’s Discovery of Molecular Chirality: Review and Analysis on the 170th Anniversary.” The presenters are Thomas Bürgi (Nanoscience and Chirality), Jeanne Crassous (Pasteur and Serendipity in Science), Joseph Gal and Gregory Girolami (Path to Pasteur’s Paratartrate Discovery: New Insights Drawn from His Wayward First Two Laboratory Notebooks), Gregory Girolami (Foundations of Pasteur’s Discovery of Molecular Chirality), Carmen Giunta (Biological Aspects of Molecular Chirality: Some 19th-Century Highlights), Arthur Greenberg (More Stereochemical Discoveries by Pasteur ahead of Organic Structural Formulas), Bert Hansen (Pasteur and the Fine Arts), Bart Kahr (Why Did Pasteur Dissolve His Crystals?), Vera Mainz (Pasteur: Biographical Narrative), Daniel Rabinovich (Pasteur: A Philatelic Homage), David Walba (Symmetry-Breaking in Organic Fluids), and Christopher Welch (Molecular Chirality in Chemistry and Biomedicine Today).